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JGOD reveals easy method to farm XP fast in Warzone

Published: 19/Oct/2021 15:03 Updated: 19/Oct/2021 15:24

by Jacob Hale


JGOD has found the best way to farm weapon XP and go up in levels in Warzone’s Clash mode, making leveling up significantly easier for the most dedicated grinders in Verdansk.

With the ever-progressing Warzone meta and new weapons coming every few weeks, it’s increasingly difficult for players to not only unlock new guns but to then fully level them up, making them a real force in Verdansk.

If you don’t have access to the multiplayer modes in Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War or, before long, Vanguard, the task becomes significantly tougher.

We already know of some easy XP methods in Plunder, simply dropping in Storage Town to farm kills or collect a bunch of contracts, but Clash looks like it could be a great way of leveling up seriously quickly.


Warzone Clash Powerup
Warzone’s Clash mode has become quite popular among players.

For this method, you’re still going to be chasing contracts, but it’s actually significantly easier in Clash than other modes to complete them.

With so many Bounty contracts in the mode, which is essentially a 50v50 team deathmatch across Verdansk, it’s incredibly easy to grab a Bounty and either complete it with your teammates, or just let it get poached.

Of course, you get way more XP if you complete the Bounty contract yourself, but as JGOD explains, you can actually complete 10-15 of these in one game and just watch the numbers fly up.

Topic starts at 5:52

As JGOD explains, he was watching his weapons level up so quickly, from around 42 to 63, just by using this method of completing Bounties.


Throughout the gameplay, since he’s completing so many contracts, JGOD is also constantly sitting on a huge pile of cash, throwing up Advanced UAVs whenever possible and tracking down enemies easily, with a little help from the Pointman perk.

So whether you’re looking to get the new LAPA SMG fully leveled, or get the M1 Garand and STG 44 ready for the Vanguard integration, jumping into a few games of Clash could be the best way to get ahead of the meta.