JGOD blasts Warzone devs for going on vacation while game is completely “broken”

Jaret Kappelman
JGOD blasts Warzone devs for going on vacation while game is completely “broken”
Activision / JGOD

Warzone guru JGOD slammed devs for taking a vacation during the holidays and leaving the battle royale completely broken. 

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific was released on December 8 which saw a brand-new era for the BR.

This brought Vanguard integration, a new map, over 40 weapons, and unfortunately many issues.

Warzone guru JGOD has been very outspoken on these problems and finds it unacceptable that the dev team took vacation time while the game is in a poor state.

JGOD disappointed with Warzone devs over game’s state 

In a YouTube video, Warzone expert JGOD talked about the problems that are still lingering in the Pacific update.

This includes the enormous amount of game-breaking bugs like buy stations not working, pay-to-win exploits, and more.

These glitches have been in the game for so long because Raven Software announced they would be going on holiday vacation. However, this has been a disaster for players.

JGOD said, “It’s unacceptable for a triple-A studio to allow these types of issues… You can’t leave your game broken for a month, you’re going to lose a lot of players.”

Another point he brought up is the tier 100 battle pass skin for Warzone which is giving players a massive competitive advantage in matches.

Warzone Awoken skin
The Warzone Tier 100 battle pass skin is bugged, making players invisible.

“How is that even allowed, where if you are beyond 30 meters you go invisible,” He added, also speaking about audio issues, camo challenges that haven’t been working, Krampus running matches, and more.

JGOD feels that all of these issues should have been addressed immediately instead of going on “vacation.”

While these issues still run rampant in Caldera, he remains hopeful that when this break is over the devs will resolve these problems and bring joy back to the players.