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Genius Warzone Deployable Cover play is the perfect counter to enemy vehicles

Published: 1/Jan/2022 10:33

by Joe Craven


A Warzone player appears to have uncovered the best use of the game’s Deployable Cover equipment, employing it as a de facto barrier to abruptly stop and eliminate enemies in vehicles.  

As more and more content is added to Call of Duty: Warzone, players are working to understand how it all interacts and can be best used to outplay enemies.

We’ve recently seen all of Vanguard’s weapons and equipment added to the battle royale, so players are still figuring out new strategies for Warzone Pacific.

One player, though, has shown how the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade – originally from Modern Warfare 2019 – can be used to counter and eliminate enemies in vehicles, even those in the infamous Big Bertha trucks.


Warzone truck gameplay
Big Berthas are perhaps not as strong as they once were, but can still be a nuisance to play against.

Redditor ‘bLouGoo‘ shared their big-brain counter on December 31, using a Deployable Cover to devastating effect.

Upon seeing an enemy in a Big Berta truck approaching, the Redditor calmly waited for them to be nearby before springing out into the road and setting up the Deployable Cover right in their path.

In real life, a truck of Big Bertha’s size may be able to plough straight through a relatively small barrier but, thanks to Warzone mechanics, they are stopped abruptly and rebound upon impact, bringing them to a near-complete stop.

At this point, the player is able to eliminate a now-downed opponent in the back. Had their teammates been closer, they could well have taken out the whole enemy team.


Used a barrier to stop a truck, downed the guy in the back, then confirmed it with a snipe. from CODWarzone

Some players, even those who have been playing Warzone for considerable periods of time, were shocked to see the effect Deployable Covers have on vehicles. The Redditor also confirmed it works on all vehicles, not just Big Bertha trucks.

They did also emphasise caution to any who try and emulate the trick, saying they’ve been downed a few times after not quite pulling the Deployable Cover out in time.

When it’s done correctly, though, it’s a genius trick to stop any enemy vehicle in its tracks.