Infinity Ward reveal issues they’re investigating in Modern Warfare Gunfight

Connor Bennett

Infinity Ward have revealed the list of issues they are investigating as the 2v2 Gunfight Alpha for Modern Warfare draws to a close.

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Following weeks of waiting, a handful of teaser trailers and apparent leaks, Call of Duty fans on PS4 finally got their hands on the 2v2 Gunfight Alpha on August 22 – marking the first action that the Modern Warfare action open to players.

While it will come to an end on Sunday, August 25, the developers haven’t stopped mustering up new content in the form of different maps and a battle royale-style game mode. However, as with any changes, there comes the need for bug and glitch fixes – and with this being an alpha, more issues than normal should be expected.

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As she has done following the end of each day, Infinity Ward’s communication manager Ashton Williams noted the state of play with the alpha – with the final day focused on tweaks. “We know this isn’t all of the feedback you’ve shared over the past three days, but here are some updates on a few issues we’ve frequently been seeing,” she posted in her Reddit update.

The brief list of issues that Williams posted is: Head glitches, explosives that cause damage through multiple surfaces, inconsistencies with penetrable surfaces (metal containers, wood surfaces, etc.), freezing that results in a black screen when loading into a match, and picking up equipment in Gunfight: OSP won’t auto-pickup if you press square within a certain distance.

Williams final post of issues from the Modern Warfare Gunfight alpha.
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While Williams did note that these aren’t all the issues that they’re working on, fans were quick to point out other features that need work.

The biggest other complaint was pointed out by Hecheslevokian, who said: “Smoke grenades can be in different positions depending on player. You may not be able to see a player through smoke, but they can see you through it. That’s something that definitely needs work.”

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Whether these issues are addressed before the alpha comes to a close is unlikely, especially as a closing time has been announced for 1pm EST.

The full multiplayer beta is up next for Modern Warfare, starting on September 12, first for PS4 players, with other platforms to follow.

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