New mode added to Modern Warfare Gunfight alpha with battle royale-style twist

Connor Bennett

Infinity Ward has revealed a brand new variant of Gunfight that is live now in the Modern Warfare open alpha, before it comes to a close on August 25.

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After a number of teases and apparent leaks, the 2v2 Gunfight Alpha for Call Of Duty’s upcoming release, Modern Warfare, finally went live on PlayStation 4 on August 22 It had been scheduled to go live a day later, and run through to August 26, but Infinity Ward flicked the live switch early.

Since then, plenty of players – both casual and professional – have got the grips with the alpha and the reaction has been pretty positive. Yet, as they continue to tweak and change things, the developers will be adding a few new pieces of content to test – including a map and a battle royale-like mode. 

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In a post to the ModernWarfare subreddit, Infinity Ward’s communication manager Ashton Williams detailed the state of play for the remaining few days of the alpha – including bug fixes and these new additions. 

“We aren’t done yet! As we roll into the weekend, we’ll be adding yet another new map and a Gunfight variant into the rotation!” she posted. Called the ‘pickup’ variant, players will spawn into a gunfight game with only a pistol and will need to collect floor loot – including weapons and grenades – from around the compact maps as they build up an arsenal for that specific round of action. 

Williams’ post on the new additions to the Modern Warfare Gunfight alpha.
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Sadly though, for Call of Duty fans without a PlayStation 4, they will have to wait their turn for a chance to get their hands on Gunfight and this new variant as Williams poured cold water on any hopes of another alpha elsewhere.

After one fan asked if there would be “any love for everyone else without a PS4,” Williams stated: “PC and Xbox players will get their hands on Gunfight during the beta!” with a smiley face attached.

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Whether or not this new variant of the 2v2 action sticks around for long, remains to be seen, but it could well be an indication of a possible fully-fledged battle royale mode coming soon.

The 2v2 Gunfight alpha runs through Sunday, August 25 meaning that if you haven’t had a chance to get some games in yet, you better hurry. 

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