Infinity Ward respond as Modern Warfare crashes Xbox One consoles

Some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players on Xbox One X are reporting that the game is causing their console to crash.

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The latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise launched on October 25, returning fans to arguably the most game’s most popular sub-series, Modern Warfare.

For some players, however, it sounds like the launch has been a frustrating experience, as there appears to be an issue that can cause Xbox One X consoles to crash.

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Exactly what causes the bug isn’t entirely clear, although some players are reporting that it seems to occur when they get shot – which, of course, makes the game almost entirely unplayable.

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In addition to crashes related to being shot, Reddit user AlludingIllusion stated that they have also experienced the issue when trying to make a recording, and at the end of a match.

Fortunately, Infinity Ward have already acknowledged the bug and announced they’re working on a fix, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before this issue is addressed.

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This isn’t the only technical issue that has hit the game on its release day. Shortly after the launch, some players found themselves unable to connect to the online servers, which Activision stated was an issue related to the massive volume of players loading into the game at launch.

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The server issue has now been resolved, although neither Activision nor Infinity Ward have yet provided an update on the Xbox One X crashing issue.

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Modern Warfare is a return to a more classic Call of Duty feel in more than just the title, with the game’s mechanics and pacing more closely resembling the original Modern Warfare trilogy than the variations on advanced movement and powerful specialist abilities that have been common in recent years.

On the competitive side, however, Modern Warfare will also break new ground for the series, with the introduction of the franchised Call of Duty League marking a major shift in the structure of the professional circuit.

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