Infinite ammo glitch in Warzone makes Type 11 LMG unstoppable

Alex Garton
Infinite Type 11 glitchTreyarch/Activision

A Warzone glitch involving the Type 11 Vanguard LMG is giving players infinite ammo, meaning they never have to reload the weapon.

While LMGs are certainly less popular than ARs and SMGs in Warzone overall, they do have their place in the meta and are perfect for long-range engagements.

The magazine size alone makes it possible to take out a whole squad of enemies without reloading as long as you’re pinpoint accurate. However, if you do miss your shots, an LMG’s reload time can easily be punished, especially if an opponent is running an SMG.

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Well, that was until players discovered a glitch with the Type 11 that means you never have to reload, meaning the gun can be fired infinitely at enemies from a distance.

Type 100 glitch ammoTreyarch/Activision
The Type 11 has a 0.55% pick rate in Warzone.

Infinite ammo glitch makes the Type 11 “broken” in Warzone

Not long after jumping into a match on Caldera with the Type 11, Reddit user Remy363 discovered a glitch that makes the gun unstoppable at medium to long-range.

While reloading the weapon, Remy363 quickly swapped to their secondary before the animation had finished. After switching back, they realized the gun was back up to full ammunition.

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This meant that all they had to do was start the reload, swap weapons, and then carry on firing after they’d switched back. Unsurprisingly, this makes the Type 11 absolutely “broken” from a distance, as it’s possible to fire bullets infinitely.

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It’s worth noting that Remy363 was running 30 Round Mags, so it’s possible this could be the attachments triggering the bug.

Although the Type 11 isn’t a particularly popular gun, there are no doubts players will abuse this exploit if it remains in the game.

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While it’s possible to take out an opponent using the glitch, the relentless gunfire will make it incredibly difficult to peak.

Let’s just hope Raven is aware of the problem and is working on a fix, but with so many other in-game issues plaguing Caldera, they’ve definitely got their hands full.

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