Dr Disrespect claims Super People is “breath of fresh air” compared to Warzone

Dr Disrespect wowed by Super People battle royale.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Wonder People

Dr Disrespect has declared Wonder Games’ debut battle royale title Super People a “breath of fresh air” in the gaming scene, admitting he’s enjoying it ⁠— and the challenge it brings ⁠— much more than Warzone right now.

After months of searching, Dr Disrespect may have finally found a new title to replace Warzone: Super People, an ability-based battle royale from Wonder Games.

The Doc’s long-running struggles with Call of Duty’s battle royale Warzone have been well-documented, not least of all here on Dexerto, and the star YouTuber has been in the market for a new title to grind for some time. That search may finally be over, with Dr Disrespect’s head turned by Super People.

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“It’s a breath of fresh air,” he declared. “I like playing the game.”

Coming from the two-time, that’s mighty praise, especially after he turned down an Apex Legends defection, and continues to call Warzone “dead in the water.”

Dr Disrespect plays Super People on-stream.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Doc compared Super People to his old favorite, PUBG, when it came to gameplay.

Dr Disrespect’s fandom, the Champions Club, has actually been begging their favorite streamer to give Super People a try for weeks, an invitation he turned down several times before changing his mind.

The Doc, much to his surprise, was hooked immediately.

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“Listen, I really like it. I do,” he declared on January 11. According to the two-time, the futuristic title’s gameplay has just the right amount of violence, speed, and momentum ⁠— a must for him ⁠— as well as a hefty difficulty that means players have to really grind to get better at the game.

“I really want to get good with the game, it makes me want to get good,” Doc said. “That game, you have to be so fluid with everything. Especially the healing process. If you want to be an aggressive player, you need to get good, quickly.

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“The way Super People is, watching the best players do their thing, it makes me want to get better” Dr Disrespect continued. “I have to get super fluid, to win.”

Related segment begins at 44:37 in video below.

The Doc has been searching for a reason to dump Warzone for some time now, with the two-time unimpressed with its unplayable Caldera map. He’s also convinced the devs lied to players about their anti-cheat engine and told fans he sees the game dying just like H1Z1 before long.

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Super People still has a ways to go to convince the Doc and dethrone Warzone, however, especially after he dubbed it “the Fisher-Price PUBG” and briefly uninstalled it on-stream recently.

The new battle royale is currently available in an indefinite closed beta which started in December. Wonder Games have yet to lock in an official release date.