Team Aydan wins ZLaner’s Certified Banger $100K Warzone event: Final results

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How to watch ZLaner's Certified Banger 100k Warzone tournament stream, format, teams

Warzone star ZLaner just hosted his second Certified Banger Warzone tournament with a staggering $100K on the line. While it was ultimately Team Aydan that closed out the win, we’ve got you covered with a full recap of how the event played out.

  • Aydan, Rated, & GoatClamp close out top spot.
  • ZLaner hosted $100K Warzone event.
  • Trios custom lobby format.

ZLaner already hosted a $50,000 tournament in September 2021 but the OpTic star just returned for another round in November. This time, with $100,000 on the line instead. Just like last time, players needed at least one Facebook streamer on their squad.

If you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered with a full rundown on how the event unfolded.

ZLaner $100k Certified Banger: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Team Score
1st Aydan, Rated, GoatClamp 128.7
2nd WarsZ, Skullface, ControlDec 111.9
3rd Tommey, Almond, Nickool 110.4
4th ZLaner, Destroy, Belk 91.9
5th Rivs, bbreadman, Rias 89.1
6th Newbz, Otter, Ryda 83.8
7th Bloo, Luvey, Haddzy 71.8
8th zColors, Y8, Stukawaki 69.8

ZLaner $100k Certified Banger: Results & Recap

With the prize pool doubled from ZLaner’s last event, Warzone’s top dogs came out in full force for the latest tourney. While many were playing with an unfamiliar third due to the Facebook requirements, most were still able to get some early synergy going.

The first two games saw the likes of Team Rivs and Team Aydan both clearing double-digit scores on each map.

Though the single biggest lobby of the day came in map five when Tommey, Almond, and Nickool took over in a big way. Together the Trio put up 17 kills with a second-place finish for a whopping 34.2 points.

Ultimately, it was consistency from Aydan, Rated, and GoatClamp that took home the grand prize of $16,666 each. Their overall score was 16.8 points ahead of Team WarsZ in the second spot.

ZLaner $100k Certified Banger: Streams & Schedule

With ZLaner serving as the host for this $100K tournament, the newly minted OpTic Warzone star was streaming the entire thing on his Facebook page.

However, if you wanted to watch the competitors directly, then POVs from many of Warzone’s top names were available on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or any other streaming platform.

The tournament kicked off on November 21, at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST.

ZLaner $100k Certified Banger: Format

Power Grab LTM in Warzone
ZLaner’s $100k Warzone tournament featured a trios custom lobby format.

The format for the $100k Warzone tournament featured a custom lobby trios structure. Players all dropped into a series of matches competing for kills as well as placement to earn a score multiplier.

Below is a quick breakdown of the exact multiplier used throughout this particular event:

  • 1 point per kill

Placement multiplier

  • 1st = 2.2x
  • 2nd-5th = 1.8x
  • 6th-15th = 1.5x
  • 16th-25th = 1.2x
  • 26th+ = 1.0x

Also, since ZLaner is partnered up with Facebook Gaming, each team was required to have at least one streamer that uses the Facebook platform on their team.

ZLaner $100k Certified Banger: Players & Teams

Warzone Season 6 Firefight Verdansk Final
Some of the best Warzone players battled it out in ZLaner’s $100k event.

With $100K on the line and ZLaner hosting, it came as no surprise to see all the biggest names dropping in. From World Series of Warzone champs in Newbz and HusKerrs, as well as players like Aydan, Destroy, Almond, and more, the lobbies were stacked across the board.

Below is a full list of every Trio that competed in the event:

Aydan, Rated, Goatclamp WarsZ, Skullface, ControlDec Tommey, Almond, Nickool Bloo, Luvey, Haddzy Crowder, NicoInfinite, JDevise Rivs, bbreadman, Rias
zColors, Y8, Stukawaki Jukeyz, Fifa, Xamzah Newbz, Otter, Ryda Smixie, Mirrey, ForeignJase Swagg, Booya, Ebatez ZLaner, Destroy, Belk
itzDania, ShiftyTV, LiamBeams Exzacht, Braalik, Aloha My JxC, Arrayz, EyeQew AturaSpark, MannyLair, Deezy Gaming OPMarked, Shaded Step, Im Kvon Picnick, OakleyBoi, ScummN
QueenEliminator, CGSx, Patience JoeWo, IkesNasty, Ahtract IceManIsaac, Naks, AlmightyTJM JaredFPS, Flxnked, Intechs SenseiSwishem, PandaTV, Dez Sebas, TrickyRickTV, VidGUN
NurVes, Stevie, GamingPhree Fab, Yunizy, Jawsy Spartakus, GloryJean, EightVs JLaner, Dario, Kranny24 Devasaurus, zJelly, Winterellas BrittneyRaines, KKryptix, Godly

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