Team Jukeyz wins LEGIQN’s $30K Warzone Dumpster Derby: Final results

How to watch LEGIQN $30K Warzone Dumpster Derby tournament: stream, teams, formatTwitter: LEGIQN

Call of Duty content creator LEGIQN  hosted a $30,000 Warzone 2v2 tournament with random Duos. While the Dumpster Derby was chaotic from start to finish, it was ultimately Jukeyz & JDevise who came out on top when all was said and done. Here’s how the action unfolded.

  • Jukeyz & JDevise close out the top spot.
  • Randomized Duos battled for $30K.
  • Players forced to use LEGIQN’s “creative loadouts

As Warzone begins to say goodbye to Verdansk, the Dumpster Derby is now in the books as one of the map’s final events before Caldera rolls into the game.

It was an intense day of action as many of Warzone’s top players dropped into together for the first time. You can catch up with a full recap of the event below.

LEGIQN $30K Warzone Dumpster Derby: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Duo
1st Jukeyz & JDevise
2nd UnRational & Reidboy
3rd BlakeCissel & HusKerrs
4th JessieJCooks & Newbz
Top 6 Destroy & SallyIsADog
Slacked & ZLaner
Top 8 Tommey & JaredFPS
MrDaft & Ttiny

LEGIQN $30K Warzone Dumpster Derby: Results & Recap

Different from every Warzone event before it, LEGIQN’s Dumpster Derby kicked off in an amusing way. Rather than preset teams all dropping into public lobbies at the same time, players first had to be split up. Warzone’s finest were forced away from their preferred duo as each team was completely randomized.

This led to some unique combinations like Aydan partnering with OpTic Jorge along with CoD veteran Slacked teaming with ZLaner.

For some, the chemistry just wasn’t meant to be. The likes of IceManIsaac, bbreadman, and even Aydan were all knocked out in the very first round of the lower bracket.

Though for others, there was some natural synergy right away. Both UnRational & Reidboy along with Jukeyz & JDevise both cruised through the upper bracket without dropping a series. These two Duos would ultimately square off in the Grand Finals where Team Jukeyz just proved that much stronger on the day.

LEGIQN $30K Warzone Dumpster Derby: Stream

The official stream for the tourney was hosted on none other than LEGIQN’s Twitch where he casted the matches with Warzone guru JGOD.

However, fans were also able to check out specific player POVs through their streams.

LEGIQN $30K Warzone Dumpster Derby format & schedule 

The format for LEGIQN’s $30K Warzone event was certainly an original one.

First up, every player was forced into a random Duo. This lead to certain players competing together for the first time.

Once they landed, however, things got even more wild. Custom loadouts were restricted for the event, with teams having to use LEGIQN’s own wacky classes instead.

The 2v2 tournament kicked off on November 1 at 11 PM PT / 2 PM ET and ran for just under eight hours all up.

LEGIQN $30K Warzone Dumpster Derby teams

Warzone helicopter battleActivision
The teams for the LEGIQN $30K Warzone tournament were completely random.

While many players were locked in for the event ahead of time, Duos remained a mystery until the final moments. Each pair was randomized meaning everyone was on an even playing field.

Below is a full list of everyone that dropped into the event.

p90princess Rated Tommey JaredFPS Wagnificentt
iSmixie Slacked ZLaner HusKerrs Blake Cissel
Unrational Reidboy24 Jukeyz JDevise IceManIsaac
Neslo Almond SloppyHarry Exzachtt MrDaft
TTinyy Aydan OpTic Jorge Jessie Cooks Newbzz
Destroy Sally Is A Dog SenseiSwishem Speros Brittney Raines