Warzone stream sniper gets hilariously outplayed by unaware streamer

Vennabean next to Warzone Spotter imageTwitter: Vennabean / Activision

A Warzone streamer turned stream sniper to try and get back at content creator ‘Vennabean’, only for the whole scheme to hilariously fail when he went in for the revenge kill. 

Few things are as annoying to streamers as stream snipers. The term refers to someone who follows a creator’s stream while being in their game. Naturally then, they are able to track the streamer’s movements and usually sneak up on them unawares.

The trend has forced game companies to add streamer modes and another anonymity tools to make it much harder to pull off. However, stream snipers are not guaranteed success anyway, as one hilarious clip shows.

Warzone spotter figureActivision
Stream sniping allows players to track down and often eliminate a streamer.

Vennabean is a Twitch streamer for PremierGG, playing plenty of Warzone for her audience. During an October 28 live stream, she encountered another streamer who promptly accused her of cheating.

Despite stating her innocence, her victim quickly found Vennabean’s Twitch channel and threw it up to exact revenge. As he did so, he encouraged his teammates to also stream snipe, going on to reveal her exact location to his team.

The chase took the stream sniper to Superstore where, hilariously, he was outgunned by Vennabean and her trusty pistol. After killing the sniper, Vennabean even picked up his fully kitted loadout, replacing her base weapons.

After being accused of cheating once again, Vennabean replied: “I’m not cheating, I just have an embarrassing amount of hours in this game.”

The interaction is one of the most satisfying we’ve seen, with an unashamed stream sniper being comprehensively outplayed by the better player. It went down well with the TikTok community, sitting at over 25,000 likes and nearly 200,000 views.

It illustrates a more serious issue in Warzone (and other battle royales) though, with developers coming under increasing pressure to protect content creators from stream snipers. Not that Vennabean needed protection, though.