Warzone gods are carrying players to first ever Verdansk wins before Vanguard

Warzone character fighting on VerdanskActivision

Before Warzone’s Verdansk map is gone for good, players are offering their services to those who are still desperately trying to get their first win after two years. 

With the Call of Duty: Vanguard integration looming on the horizon and a new Warzone map coming with it, some players are preparing to their final farewells to the battle royale’s original map, Verdansk.

Over the last few seasons, the map has undergone a bit of a facelift, even switching up to some 1980s inspired theming, and adding some new points of interest for players to do battle in.

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While the map has been around for two years, there are some players who have actually never gotten a win on Verdansk, and before it is gone for good, the community is rallying to change that fact.

Warzone mapActivision
Verdansk has the been the stomping grounds for Warzone’s top talent since day one.

As players are counting down to the final moments of Verdansk, some have begun offering their services out across social media to help winless players finally get a W on the map.

Redditor GaryLFC93 shone a spotlight on the wholesome movement after some players pointed out that they’d never experience the taste of victory on Verdansk. “I would love nothing more than to spend my last month on the game trying to help those who never got a win before well get their first win,” they said.

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They even encouraged other players to join the movement and bring good vibes to the map’s last few weeks. “I’m down to help with this,” said multiple players, all flaunting that they’ve racked up an obscene amount of wins and K/D ratios in Verdansk.

Others suggested that if players are desperate to win but also want to improve before the new Pacific map launches, they should find a group on social media that can coach them up.

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At the end of the day, some players just want to put others on their back and carry them to a win, and we can’t help but applaud their efforts.

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