Warzone devs confirm Verdansk farewell event with Operation: Flashback

Warzone devs confirm Verdansk farewell event with Operation FlashbackActivision

Warzone devs confirmed there will be a farewell event for Verdansk with Operation: Flashback before Vanguard’s new map Caldera is integrated into the game. Here’s everything to know. 

Warzone’s new map, Caldera, will be coming to the game on December 2 when Season 1 of Vanguard begins.

While it is set to bring fresh content to Warzone, it means we must say goodbye to the map that served millions of Warzone players for nearly two years.

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Here is everything you need to know about Operation: Flashback, the final tribute to Verdansk.

Warzone Verdansk farewell event Operation: Flashback date

Warzone Verdnaks gameplayActivision
Verdansk is set to disappear from Warzone once and for all as Caldera is introduced.

It was previously leaked that the Visions of Verdansk would be the going-away event for the map. However, we now know that the official farewell will take place during Operation: Flashback in the form of an LTM.

The limited-time mode is scheduled to go live on November 18 but was not given an end date so it could run until the new map is introduced on December 2.

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Warzone Operation: Flashback content 

Warzone gameplayActivision
Warzone Operation: Flashback is the LTM that will pay tribute to Verdansk before it is destroyed.

As reported in the Visons of Verdansk leak “every new circle starts a random event, prepare for flashbacks from the past. Contracts and Supply Boxes reward memories of yesterday, with a chance of Powerups or Keycards.”

This means that with every circle we can see a change in rules, weapons, or terrain as well as other surprises to cover Verdansk’s history.

More details about the event will be available prior to the start of it.

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Warzone Operation: Flashback rewards

While this event will likely be similar to the Vanguard trailer reveal, it can be played multiple times.

Warzone VerdanskTreyarch/Activision
You can earn a calling card and emblem for playing this LTM.

Activision announced there are two rewards that players can earn from this event:

  • An Emblem for participating in the event
  • An animated Calling Card for those who claim victory

Players can drop into the LTM for a chance to earn this emblem and calling card to rock when Vanguard drops.

While this is the farewell it has been teased that once again, Verdansk will be destroyed. On November 30, the destruction of Verdansk begins.

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We will update you when that information is revealed, in the meantime keep up with all Warzone news here.