Aydan’s team wins $300K World Series of Warzone #1: results & final placements

Theo Salaun
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The first World Series of Warzone tournament is in the books as Aydan’s team took home the lion’s share of a whopping $300,000 prize pool. From a complete recap of the opening event to a breakdown of the format, we’ve got everything you catch up on Warzone’s biggest event yet.

  • Aydan’s Trio secured the overall $50,000 win.
  • Swagg came out as the #1 captain, securing an extra $50,000.
  • SuperEvan claimed the most scalps with 49 eliminations.

$300K World Series of Warzone: Placements

Captain’s Cup Placements

Placement Captain Prize
1st Swagg $20,000 + $30,000 team bonus
2nd Aydan $15,000
3rd TimTheTatMan $13,000
4th TheDanDangler $12,000
5th Nadeshot $10,000

Trio Placements (Top 10)

Placement (by points) Trio Score Prize
1st Aydan, Rated, HusKerrs 121.5 $50,000
2nd Repullze, Lucky Chamu, SuperEvan 108.5 $30,000
3rd Swagg, DiazBiffle, Booya 107 $20,000
4th UnRationaL, Nickool, ScummN 103 $15,000
5th ZColorss, TheDezmond, aHTracT 100.5 $10,000
6th IceManIsaac, OPMarked, Devious 99.5 $9,000
7th ShadedStep, Reidboyy, Bonq 89 $7,000
8th Destroy, ClutchBelk, ZLaner 88 $6,000
9th Tommey, Almond, Newbz 82 $5,500
10th CitizenSnipes, Drakota, Steelcurtain 81.5 $5,000

$300K World Series of Warzone: Results & Recap

With only six custom games to prove themselves, teams came out firing on all cylinders right from the jump. Aydan was able to take an early lead with some impressive point totals across the first few games, both individually and with his whole team behind him.

Before long, Swagg was hot on heels with just six points separating them in the Captain’s Standings ahead of game five. As the final match booted up, first place was still within reach for just about every squad as one killer performance could easily push anyone up the rankings.

Ultimately, it was a monstrous effort from Aydan, Rated, and HusKerrs in the final lobby that pushed them into first-place. An absurd pace led to 24 kills and a nail-biting top 15 finish to secure the overall event win.

$300K World Series of Warzone: Stream

Viewers were able to watch both the draft and the tournament on Twitch Rivals’ official channel, but could also tune into some of the top players’ streams directly. For the most competitive POVs, Aydan and Biffle were a few standout options — and, for entertainment, there was always TimTheTatMan.

$300K World Series of Warzone: Schedule

Both the World Series of Warzone draft and tournament started at 5 p.m. ET on their respective dates. The competition in full ran for roughly five hours.

  • Captain’s Draft: June 22 at 5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PST; 10 p.m. BST; June 23, 7 a.m. AEST)
  • World Series of Warzone: June 23 at 5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PST; 10 p.m. BST; June 23, 7 a.m. AEST)

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$300K World Series of Warzone: Captains and Teams

There were 150 players, some invited and some who made it through qualifiers, participating in the $300,000 World Series of Warzone. Of those, five were named “Team Captains.” These five, each of which played with their own trio, also drafted their full squads.

World Series of Warzone Captain Trios

Captain Teammate Teammate
Aydan Rated HusKerrs
Swagg Booya Diaz Biffle
TimTheTatMan Frozone Sirciz
TheDanDangler DougIsRaw Wagnificent
Nadeshot Kenny Slasher

World Series of Warzone full teams

Team Nadeshot Team Aydan Team FaZe Swagg Team TimTheTatMan Team TheDanDangler
JoeWo, Symfuhny, MuTeX UnRationaL, Nickool, ScummN Repullze, Lucky Chamu, SuperEvan Tommey, Almond, Newbz Destroy, ClutchBelk, ZLaner
Tfue, Pieman, Blazt Iron, yeet, bbreadman ShadedStep, Reidboyy, Bonq Karma, FormaL, Scump Teep, Crimsix, Cloakzy
ZooMaa, Asim, Clayster BobbyPoff, Mayappo, Ottereyes IceManIsaac, OPMarked, Devious ZColorss, TheDezmond, aHTracT Metaphor, zSmit, Intechs
Methodz, Ricky, Slacked FaZe Bloo, Fukluvey, Flxnked SktyyrozTV, Blingcjay, NobuSpartan Theory, Tiny, Aqua JaredFPS, Rallied, exzachtt
Xampz, Ebatez, Sureangxl Russ, JerKy26, SupAustyn Jkrinkz, Sport_Tm, Gooeyguyy Sensei Swishem, Bartonologist, Yata LEGIQN, QueenShadows, stukawaki
FaZe JSmooth, Spreezyy_, Redman_Lyons YuhLegit, KunjTV, Drifts Smixie, Arrayyz, EyeQew MVS_11, Royalize, Sage SebasBeron, Finessen, MrDaft
Studlie, TrickyRick, NateHades ShawnJ Gaming, GunMW, Djmas23 BrittneyRaines, picNICKbaskest, OakleyBoiii Pork, Kalei, NiicoInfinite NuFo, KingProdigy, Speros
Vinnie, Zed, TaylorFritz CitizenSnipes, Drakota, Steelcurtain GabbyDM, zJelly, skullface49 Aircool, AvonteMaddox, BaySoldier OpTic Blake, Holly, OpTic Jorge
ItszLiveee, SlimSlay86, Lmbo238 BigcheeseKIT, TheMurdaa, SnipingCookie BossLadyLily, Scriptehh, PatienceGGs Jordy2D, ZeusyAf, SpideyoD RLaw, Powfu, Ollie

$300K World Series of Warzone: Format & prizing

The WSOW divides $1.2 million across four separate events, with the first one’s $300,000 divvied up on June 23. This event featured 150 invited and qualified players playing in private lobbies, with points determined by kills (alongside multipliers for placement).

While $200K went to individual teams based on each match’s placement and final scores, there was also be $100K split up between the five Captain’s teams (10 trios per team).

$300K World Series of Warzone structure

  • Six private matches
    • Points awarded for placement and kills
    • Individual map placement also gets prizes
  • Captains Cup scoring also in effect
    • Points from each captain’s 10 teams totaled at end, with specific prizing for each of the five teams
  • Tie-breakers:
    • Total kills without multipliers
    • Average placement
    • Most kills in one match
    • Highest placement in one match

World Series of Warzone points system:

  • 1 point per kill
  • 1st place: 2x multiplier
  • 2nd-15th place: 1.5x multiplier
  • 15th-50th place: No multiplier

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$300K World Series of Warzone: Prizing

As for prizing of the event, $200,000 went to individual teams based on final placement while the other $100,000 was split amongst the five captains: Aydan, Swagg, TimTheTatMan, Nadeshot, and TheDanDangler.

World Series of Warzone: Total points prizing

Final Placement (by points) Payout
1st $50,000
2nd $30,000
3rd $20,000
4th $15,000
5th $10,000
6th $9,000
7th $7,000
8th $6,000
9th $5,500
10th $5,000
11th – 20th $3,000
21st – 25th $2,500

World Series of Warzone: Captain’s Cup prizing

Captain’s Placement Payout
1st (Captain) $30,000
1st (Team) $20,000
2nd (Captain) $15,000
3rd (Captain) $13,000
4th (Captain) $12,000
5th (Captain) $10,000

At the moment, this is all that we know about the World Series of Warzone’s format, prizing, schedule, and teams. When details are locked in for the next stages we’ll be sure to keep you updated right here.