Team Fifakill wins $100K Toronto Ultra Warzone Canada Cup tournament: final placements

Toronto Ultra 100K Warzone tournamentActivision / Toronto Ultra

Toronto Ultra hosted the latest Warzone event as the world’s best Trios dropped into the $100K Canada Cup. Ultimately, it was Team Fifakill who took home yet another trophy but we’ve got you covered with a complete recap of how it all unfolded.

  • Team Fifakill finished on top, winning the event by a single point.
  • Just three points separated the top three teams.
  • Despite leading Day 1, Team FaZe Swagg finished 4th on Day 2.

North America’s best Warzone players have already been able to compete for hundreds of thousands in early Season 4 events. That momentum hasn’t slowed down one bit as Toronto Ultra hosted yet another massive $100,000 tournament. 

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All the biggest names dropped into the Warzone Trios event and we’ve got everything you need to get caught up.

Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone event: Day 2 Placements (Top 8)

Placement Team Points
1st Team Fifakill 556
2nd Team ZLaner 555
3rd Team Tommey 553
4th Team FaZe Swagg 508
5th Team HusKerrs 490
6th Team Teep 487
7th Team BobbyPoff 432
8th Team Russ 347

Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone event: Day 2 Results & Recap

Day 2 proved to be one of the most intense days of Warzone action yet in Season 4. Trios were reaching new levels and putting up some outrageous scores in pursuit of that top spot.

When all was said and done, just three points separated the top three teams. The event couldn’t have been closer as Team Tommey, Team ZLaner, and Team Fifakill all pushed beyond the 550 point mark with some of the most impressive games yet.

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Only one could close out the win and ultimately it was Fifakill’s Trio that did just that. In their final game of the day, their final chance to clinch the top spot, they got exactly the right amount of points to push them up the standings. They managed to take out first place with 556 points in total, narrowly eclipsing ZLaner’s team in second with 555 points.

Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone event: Day 1 Placements (Top 16)

Placement Team Points
1st Team FaZe Swagg 527
2nd  Team Fifakill 508
3rd  Team ZLaner 503
4th  Team TeeP 483
5th  Team SuperEvan 483
6th  Team HusKerrs 470
7th  Team Tommey 450
8th  Team Vikkstar 431
9th  Team MuTeX 426
10th  Team Rallied 421
11th  Team BobbyPoff 416
12th  Team Metaphor 412
13th  Team Nickool 410
14th  Team IceManIsaac 410
15th  Team C9 Emz 401
16th  Team Russ 393

Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone event: Day 1 Results & Recap

Day 1 of the latest Warzone competition gave teams four hours to set their five best lobbies. Unfortunately for some, certain Trios were only able to complete four games in the allotted time. For the majority, however, it was a fairly close race to the Top 16, with barely a few points separating the losers from those that qualified for Day 2.

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Among the names that narrowly missed out were the likes of Team Karma and Team BrittneyRaines. 393 points was the barrier for entry into Day 2 and those Trios came just eight and 18 points away respectively.

Topping the pack on Day 1 was none other than Team Swagg, who blitzed to the number one spot with a whopping 527 points, 19 greater than second place. From Vikkstar to TeeP and C9 Emz, plenty of big names were able to lead their Trios to victory on Day 1. While 16 are advancing, only eight will get a chance to compete for the $100K prize pool in the finals.

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Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone event: streams & schedule

Viewers were able to tune into the tourney via the official hub above, but fans could also watch specific player POVs — like Aydan, Biffle, and Tommey.

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Day 1 kicked off on June 28 and the action came to a close with Day 2 on June 29.

Both days started up at 12PM PT / 3PM ET and ran for similar durations. Day 1 was a single four-hour competition window while Day 2 was four and half hours broken into two rounds.

Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone event: format

Toronto Ultra’s $100K tournament was spread across two distinct days of action.

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The first day dropped 32 Trios against one another with only the Top 16 advancing to Day 2. All Trios had four hours to record their five best games with points awarded for placement and eliminations.

Day 2 reset the scoreboard and had the Top 16 teams competing for two hours.

Trios had to set their three best lobbies this time around, with the Top 8 advancing to the finals. From here, another two and half hours were allocated as teams battled for their chunk of the prize pool.

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Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone tournament formatToronto Ultra
The full format for Toronto Ultra’s $100K Warzone event.

Toronto Ultra $100K Warzone event: Teams & Players

Below is a list of all 32 Team Captains that started out in Day 1 of the $100K competition.

One note, though, Jukeyz gave up his captain’s spot to Fifakill after fracturing his wrist during an attempted robbery.

Team Captains
FaZe Swagg MuTeX Russ Wagnificent
Fifakill Rallied Izak Metzy
ZLaner BobbyPoff Karma Aangelika
TeeP Metaphor SavyUltras90 Wheels
SuperEvan Nickool JaredFPS Hollywoodz
HusKerrs NobuSpartan LEGIQN Moonryde
Tommey IceManIsaac BrittneyRaines LyndonFPS
Vikkstar C9 EmZ Jxsephs Pamaj


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