Warzone star Jukeyz fractures wrist after attempted Rolex robbery at house party

. 1 year ago
jukeyz warzone wrist rolex robbery
Twitch, @Jukeyz

Call of Duty: Warzone star Jukeyz will be forced to miss upcoming tournaments after fracturing his wrist. Reports indicate it was due to an attempted Rolex robbery at a house party in Liverpool.

Jukeyz has already given up his spot in June 28’s $100K Toronto Ultra Warzone tournament, citing “personal reasons.” After going to the hospital, he jumped on Twitch for a quick stream to explain what those reasons were.

According to the streamer, there was an attempted robbery at an event he was attending that resulted in injuries to him and a friend. In his words, “at the moment, people in Liverpool don’t like to see people with nice things.”

This incident has been tied to reporting from ECHO’s Tom Duffy and Marcus Banks, who spoke to Liverpool police about the attempted robbery. On stream, Jukeyz explained that he’s, above all else, thankful for his friend who intervened and ensured things didn’t get worse than a wrist injury.

As Jukeyz elaborates, nothing ended up being stolen and there were around three instigators. Additionally, his Twitch chat now has a “!wrist” command with some more details about his injury and recovery timeline: “Liam has fractured his scaphoid due to personal reasons and won’t be able to play Warzone for two weeks.”

As the ECHO report goes, two men were injured in the attempted Rolex robbery — one whose arms were slashed and one with an undisclosed injury. None of these injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

The report further discloses that the incident was over a Rolex and occurred around 5 a.m. at a “house party” in south Liverpool. The assailants have yet to be found, as they allegedly fled in a taxi. As far as Jukeyz, he explained that the incident was a ‘learning lesson’ for him, that he was grateful for his friend, and that he will continue streaming despite being unable to play for the next two weeks.

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