How to unlock OTs 9 SMG in Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update

Cold War Warzone ots 9 smgActivision

The Season 4 Reloaded update for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone introduced the OTs 9 SMG and we’ve got all there is to know about unlocking the powerful new gun.

As part of Cold War and Warzone’s mid-season update, brand new content has been introduced across the board. While new modes and Operators may have stolen the spotlight, powerful new weapons can’t be overlooked.

Among the Season 4 Reloaded additions was none other than the OTs 9, a fast-firing SMG that could be one to offset the meta. With a high damage output comparable to the Bullfrog, it’s certainly one you’ll want in your arsenal.

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Unlocking the OTs 9 SMG through Season 4 Challenges

OTs 9 weaponActivision / Treyarch
The full OTs 9 challenge will take you 15 games at a minimum.

Keeping in line with previous mid-season updates, the OTs 9 SMG can be unlocked by completing an in-game challenge.

For this one, you’ll need to kill 2 or more players rapidly in 15 different games while using an SMG

This means you need multi-kills at all costs, so we recommend playing on smaller maps like Nuketown or Hijacked where possible. Hardcore playlists can also help you farm easy kills.

Unlocking the OTs 9 SMG through the store

OTs 9 bundleActivision
The OTs 9 can also be acquired through the in-game store.

If you want the OTs 9 right away and grinding challenges isn’t your thing, you’re in luck. Season 4 Reloaded’s brand new SMG is also available in the CoD store.

Whether you’re playing Warzone or Cold War, simply check the in-game store for the Inside Job bundle. Once you’ve purchased this pack, a unique OTs 9 SMG Blueprint will be added to your gunsmith arsenal. Equip it and start leveling up the powerful new weapon immediately.

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So there it is, all you need to know about the new OTs 9 SMG in Cold War and Warzone. It’s not the only recent addition, however, so be sure to check up on everything included in the Season 4 Reloaded patch.