How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare: Infinite sprint guide

Jacob Hale

When you tune in to a Call of Duty League broadcast, one thing that always stands out to casual or less-experienced players is the incredible movement of pro players, and this might be the perfect way to imitate them and improve your game.

Slide canceling has been a popular movement mechanic ever since players first discovered it at the start of the Black Ops 4 season. It literally does what it says on the tin: you slide, then you cancel the slide before it reaches its natural end.

Firstly, though, It doesn’t make much sense to learn the slide cancel and utilize it properly into your game without knowing what exactly it does.

Combined with the tactical sprint, slide canceling will up your movement and gameplay massively.


The benefits of slide canceling in Modern Warfare are numerous. The first and possibly most important one is that it effectively means you can tactical sprint continuously without running out of stamina. This is huge when traversing the map and needing to get to places quickly and efficiently.

Not only that, but it also allows you to ADS (aim down sight) out of sprint much quicker, meaning that you’ve got a better chance of picking up kills when you go round corners or an enemy player jumps out at you unexpectedly.

How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare

Here’s how to actually perform the slide cancel in Modern Warfare, and it really only takes two major steps – the rest is up to you:

  • Tactical sprint
  • Press the slide button
  • Press the slide button AGAIN before the slide reaches its natural conclusion
  • Repeat as you traverse the map, especially when turning corners or heading into areas where you might encounter an enemy

As you can see in the video below, created by Seattle Surge’s Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov, slide canceling is almost as natural as just sprinting up the map once you get into the swing of things. He also explains how the slide cancel works.

(Timestamp 00:30 for mobile viewers)

So that’s how you slide cancel like a pro player in Modern Warfare, with the helpful advice from an actual pro to get you headed in the right direction.

It’s important to remember that this technique isn’t only going to help in competitive matches, though. You can utilize this in public matches, too, to really get ahead of the opposition, and even use it in Warzone to help guide you to victory in Verdansk.

Although at first, it will feel weird, eventually the slide cancel will become second nature, and you’ll wonder how you ever played without it.

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