Scump slams Modern Warfare as “the worst Call of Duty ever”

Jacob Hale

Chicago Huntsmen star Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has made the bold claim that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is “the worst CoD ever,” explaining his reasoning in a heated tirade against the franchise’s current title.

Call of Duty gets a new game each year, and with that comes a new set of maps, rules and guns for pro players to get used to – but it seems the current one isn’t working that well for Scump, as he has claimed that “Warzone saved it so hard.”

Modern Warfare has been somewhat of a divisive title among the CoD community, despite the fact that it continues to be a record-breaking money spinner for Activision.

Scump claims that Warzone “saved Modern Warfare so hard.”

The professional players are often some of the most outspoken when it comes to things they want changing or fixed within each CoD title, and Modern Warfare is no different – but now, Scump has well and truly laid into the game.

The discussion came about in a Chicago Huntmsen YouTube upload, in which members of the Huntsmen and NRG organization as a whole created a tier list for their favorite – and least favorite – Call of Duty titles of all time.

As the group discussed the likes of Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2 as “god tier” titles, the time finally came to judge Modern Warfare, and Scump was the first to speak up.

“Trash. Right in the trash,” he said, much to everyone’s surprise. “If Warzone didn’t come out on this game, one of the worst CoDs ever made.”

(Timestamp 17:30 for mobile viewers)

After the others asked what it was about the game that rubbed Scump the wrong way, he said: “it’s counter-intuitive. It’s a squad-based spawn system… it’s the worst Call of Duty ever made. It might be the worst competitive CoD ever.”

He went on to add the fact that there is no Dead Silence perk and that the maps are “horrible,” saying that there is “not a single good map” in Modern Warfare.

The verdict is a pretty damning one from the biggest name in the world of Call of Duty, but Scump and the rest of his peers made sure to reiterate that Warzone is an incredible game, saying that it “saved Modern Warfare.”

Chicago Huntsmen have been one of the best teams in Modern Warfare so far but, even so, it seems as though frustrations are growing, but they’ll have to keep at it if they truly believe they can beat Atlanta FaZe.