ACHES & Scump hit out at major Modern Warfare mechanic


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s slide mechanic has come under scrutiny from a host of the game’s biggest pros, with many arguing it needs adjusting going forwards. 

While older Call of Duty titles were fairly varied in the movement mechanics they allowed players to utilize, the FPS’ last few installments have all used a slide mechanic. This is in contrast to some older titles, that included dolphin dives and jet-packs.

These slide mechanics have become a key part of any professional’s in-game movement, allowing players to move around maps faster while attempting to evade enemy fire. However, ‘slide-canceling’ has also surfaced as a more controversial movement exploit.

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Infinity Ward
Slide mechanics have proved to be controversial in Black Ops 4 and, now, Modern Warfare.

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Slide-cancelling sees players able to stop their slide mechanic in order to draw their weapon, with no delays to ADS speed. This enables players to return fire while being incredibly mobile and hard to hit, in a way many feel is too strong.

On May 8, Dallas Empire tweeted a clip of SMG star Shotzzy tearing into enemies with his MP5. However, CoD veteran Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price responded to the clip, highlighting how many times the young player utilized the game’s slide-canceling mechanic.

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“Obviously Shotzzy is a top 3 player in the game right now,” he said. “But like…10+ slides in 20 seconds, sliding/slide cancelling into every gunfight. Is COD ever gonna go back to normal? 2 years of this now. I can’t be the only one who thinks this isn’t fun. (Tweet is about COD, not him).”

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While ACHES started the discussion, a host of CoD’s biggest names weighed in, including Seth ‘Scump’ Abner. The Chicago Huntsmen star, who also plays with a MP5, commented that “the mechanic stinks”.

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Along similar lines, Minnesota’s Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo suggested that a return to a ‘dolphin dive’ mechanic would stop the issues.

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New York’s Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi also provided his thoughts: “If they made it to where you couldn’t cancel mid animation I think it would fix a lot of the issues with the mechanic”.

ACHES agreed, suggesting such an adjustment would be similar to the system featured in CoD Ghosts, which was also an Infinity Ward game. “Movement needs to be made for MOVEMENT,” he said. “Not for abusing how you take gunfights”.

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We have, in the past, seen Infinity Ward respond to movement issues within competitive Call of Duty. Back in Infinite Warfare, they implemented a nerf for “snaking”, the act of prone-ing and standing behind an object very quickly.

Whether a similar change is on its way for Modern Warfare’s slide-cancelling is still unclear, but we’ll be the first to update you on any changes.