How to play Warzone private matches on Rebirth Island in Season 3

Jacob Hale
Warzone rebirth island private lobbies

With the Warzone Season 3 update on April 22, a number of changes are being made including a new map, weapon balancing and new guns. Now, you can even play private matches on Rebirth Island too.

Rebirth Island was added to Warzone alongside the Black Ops Cold War integration back in November 2020. While it has not been as wildly popular as the regular BR in Verdansk, Rebirth Island and the Resurgence mode definitely have their share of dedicated players.

The lower player count and ability to respawn if your squad survives for a certain amount of time make it easier to always stay involved in the action. The far smaller map also means you won’t spend much time running around without seeing an enemy.

Now, after introducing private matches for Verdansk back in November 2020, Rebirth Island is getting them too in Warzone Season 3, and it will be far easier to populate with a 40-player count.

Rebirth Island night mode in Warzone
Rebirth Island became a focal point for players during the nuke event in Warzone.

So if you’re looking to change up your regular games, set up a big custom tournament or simply test out the new feature, you can now do it.

Here’s how to set up a custom lobby on Rebirth Island in Warzone Season 3:

  1. Scroll down to the ‘Private Match’ option at the bottom of the playlist selection screen.
  2. Select which game mode you would like to play.
  3. If you want to play on Rebirth Island, you will have to pick a mode under the “Battle Royale Alternative” list.
  4. Make sure you have enough players in the lobby to start a match.
  5. Press ‘Start Match’.
Warzone private match mode select
You’ll have to pick one of the ‘Alternative’ modes to play on Rebirth Island.

Going into Season 3, this is bound to be a popular option for players looking to test their skills against their friends or other skilled players.

This option was turned off after players were using a private match exploit to see the new map before it went live, but now it’s available to make use of again and challenge other players.