How to get wins in Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Champion Hill mode

How to get wins in Call of Duty: Vanguard's Champion Hill modeActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard has taken the battle royale genre and mixed it with elements of Multiplayer and Gunfight to create Champion Hill.

Champion Hill is a quick game mode in Vanguard where players battle it out to become the last team standing.

Along the road to victory, people must spend their cash wisely to upgrade weapons, buy perks, or even get a few extra lives.

While the easiest way to win is by killing everyone in sight, here are some more realistic tips and tricks to win games in Champion Hill.

Champion Hill takes aspects of Multiplayer, BR, and Gunfight for the ultimate game mode.

How to win Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Champion Hill

Players are split into teams of two or three, depending on which you pick, and thrown into one of four different arenas. Then a 60-second timer will start where they have to survive and try to take away as many lives from the enemy as possible.

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Getting kills earns money, which you can spend to upgrade your weapon or kit. You can upgrade a weapon 10 times to reach the attachment limit or spend it on perks, streaks, or different guns.

The best thing to do with your cash is to upgrade your weapon as it will allow you to get more kills. When you feel it’s been upgraded enough and you can get kills, start saving money for extra lives as they are really important. Don’t waste money on streaks.

CoD Vanguard Champions Hill map gameplayActivision
Champion Hill requires precision to become the last team standing.

Lives cost $1,500 and can only be bought on buy rounds, which happen occasionally. During these, it is best to buy an extra life or if you don’t have enough, you can purchase more armor plates to survive a bit longer.

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Once you are loaded up, it comes down to gun skill and taking smart fights. Don’t challenge if you are at a height disadvantage or low on armor as it will be an easy kill for the enemy.

You can also play around with the extra life token located on each map, catch people running toward it, or challenge yourself to secure it. Finally, make sure to communicate with your teammate and push together. It will be really easy to win a gunfight when it’s a 2v1.

Take these aspects and implement them into your next Champion Hill game and see if you can rack up a lot of wins.

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