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How to fix Modern Warfare memory error 13-71 on Xbox, PS4, PC

Published: 30/Apr/2020 14:20

by Daniel Cleary


Modern Warfare and Warzone players have been experiencing a frustrating memory error 13-71 on Xbox, PC, and PS4. Here are all the solutions that have been found so far.

With many fans queuing up to experience the latest updates for Modern Warfare and Warzone, some have been unfortunately greeted with an error after loading up the game.

This memory error 13-71 has prevented some from being able to play online as usual, calling on Infinity Ward to issue a fix.

Infinity Ward
The memory error has been preventing fans from playing Modern Warfare and Warzone.

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Until then, players will need to work around the error in order to continue playing and one of the most proven methods requires those on Xbox and Ps4 to disconnect their console from the internet.


Fix Memory Error 13-71 on Xbox One and PS4

After encountering the 13-71 notice, you will need to close the Modern Warfare application and go offline in Network settings, before opening Modern Warfare up again.

Once you reach the title screen you should see a “connection failed” notice pop up, from here you will have to select ‘Go Offline’ and enter multiplayer’s offline lobby. You will now need to connect your console to the internet once again and Modern Warfare should automatically refresh, allowing you to access your game mode of choice after backing out of the offline lobby.

  1. Close Modern Warfare application
  2. Go Offline in Network settings and relaunch game
  3. Select Go Offline
  4. Connect console to internet again
  5. Leave any Regiment and block Regiment invitations

To prevent this from happening further, you should leave any Regiment you may have joined previously and block any future invitations until the issue has been patched.


PrestigeIsKey, YouTube
Modern Warfare’s Regiments are seemingly causing the memory error 13-71.

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How to fix Memory Error 13-71 on PC

As the unusual memory error has been found to be linked with players who are involved in Modern Warfare’s in-game clan system, Regiments, it was suggested that certain invitations had been causing the bug.

One fix that has helped PC players to bypass the error, is to reinstall Modern Warfare on Blizzard’s Battlenet launcher and run the newly updated game on safe mode.

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While the game is on safe mode players should be able to fetch their online profile and leave their bugged Regiment/ block all future invitations before restarting the game as normal without any issues.


Infinity Ward has revealed that they are currently working on the frustrating error and also claim that the bug will be fixed for all platforms in a future update, according to their community Trello board.