Has Dallas Empire finally bounced back? | CDL Reverse Sweep Review

The Reverse Sweep team are back to review all the action from the CDL, with hosts ‘Enable’ Wyatt, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker & Katie Bedford giving their takes on the league ahead of the LA Thieves Home Series.

Walking through the biggest talking points from Stage 4’s Week 2: Florida Mutineers Home Series, Enable & Pacman had to get honest from what they saw in their CDL Review.

In this week’s episode, the Reverse Sweep panel took apart teams that just need to play better like the LA Thieves, to teams that will be consistent contenders as soon as they’re firing on all cylinders like the NY Subliners.

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LA Thieves’ struggles continue

We’re slowly inching to the Stage 4 Major, but there’s still plenty left to settle as we round the corner. The stage is set for LA Thieves to redeem their season on home turf, in a manner of speaking. But to get there, the team needs to stop banking on potential and start putting up results.

Pacman says Thieves fans have cause for concern, especially since LA comes out every game as a dangerous offensive force but still falls short of locking down wins.

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Vivid look into Empire’s future

The Dallas Empire is filled with great players who are just playing fine, at the moment. Enable liked what he saw from new member Reece ‘Vivid’ Drost and the defending CDL Champs against the NY Subliners.

They still lost that game, but it wasn’t a wash. Couple that with a 3-0 series against a team they should be able to beat, LAG, and you have the start of what could be a promising lineup.

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Subliners need to get on track

The next few weeks are going to be pivotal for New York. They’ve already proved they can be a cut above the rest, but other teams look like they’re catching up.

Pacman had to give respects where it’s due since NYSL are reportedly playing sick and with connection issues, but it’s worrying that some of the biggest weeks in the CDL are coming up – and Subliners need to be ready for what’s ahead.

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OpTic is the best… of the rest?

Watching OpTic’s CDL outings, you really get an idea of how good the team is against most of the league. But when they’re up against the elite contenders, and their fortunes aren’t as great.

This is starting to make Enable and Pacman wonder if they’re even Championship contenders in their current form. They have legends of the game and outstanding talent to bolster them, they just have to dig deep and actually show it on the server.

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The good, the bad & the ugly!

CDL teams know how to put on a show. The Empire vs Subliners map five had parts that were tense, exhilarating, and tragic. There was a lot to praise, but one player came away as the standout down the stretch.

Unfortunately, there’s one team that once again has to be Enable’s ‘ugly’ part of the week. Meanwhile, Pacman echoed the same sentiment as his co-host but applied it to multiple CDL teams. For the full Reverse Sweep review, check out the full video!

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