Ultra dominate, OpTic bounce back – CDL LA Thieves Home Series highlights, results, recap

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The Call of Duty League entered Stage 4, Week 3 with the LA Thieves Home Series. Action ramped up with CDL Points on the line and the teams did not disappoint. Here are the recaps, highlights, and everything else you need from a wild week of play.

  • Ultra go undefeated to take Group B’s top seed.
  • OpTic bounce back to secure Winner’s Bracket.
  • Next up: Stage 4 Major on LAN.

Every week becomes more critical to CDL Champs placement, where only eight teams will get to compete for the league’s biggest prize pool. But the LA Thieves Home Series also had serious short-term implications as well.

This was the final week that teams will be able to determine their seeding for the Stage 4 Major, which will be CDL 2021’s first LAN event of the year.

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CDL LA Thieves Home Series results, recaps, highlights


Group Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
B Guerrillas 0-3 Ultra TOR 250-136 (Garrison) TOR 6-3 (Express) TOR 3-1 (Raid) N/A N/A
A Surge 3-2 OpTic SEA 250-232 (Raid) CHI 6-3 (Moscow) SEA 3-1 (Checkmate) CHI 250-227 (Checkmate) SEA 6-4 (Raid)

Match 1: Ultra trounce Guerrillas

Things haven’t been looking great for the LA Guerrillas and that continued into the LA Thieves Home Series, as Ultra proceeded to smoke them in three straight maps.

Match 2: Surge upset OpTic

Boy oh boy. With some serious impact plays, Seattle took OpTic the distance — and finished them off. Thanks to big numbers from Octane, the Surge finally broke their 10-match losing streak in a wild upset.


Group Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
B Royal Ravens 0-3 Subliners NY 250-119 (Checkmate) NY 6-5 (Standoff) NY 3-1 (Raid) N/A N/A
A ROKKR 3-2 Thieves MIN 250-190 (Garrison) LAT 6-1 (Standoff) MIN 3-2 (Garrison) LAT 250-59 (Moscow) MIN 6-5 (Miami)

Match 1: Subliners sweep Royal Ravens

We mentioned in the Players to Watch that HyDra could be scary once healthy and… he was. The French Felon and Mack went off against London for a quick sweep.

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Match 2: ROKKR spoil new Thieves lineup’s debut

What. A. Match. With LA bringing back SlasheR and Huke into the lineup, things got dicy and spicy. Eventually, Minnesota pushed into the Major’s Winner’s Bracket with a big Map 5 W.


Group Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
B Royal Ravens 3-1 Guerrillas LDN 250-68 (Raid) LDN 6-5 (Miami) LAG 3-2 (Garrison) LDN 250-160 (Checkmate) N/A
A ROKKR 1-3 FaZe ATL 250-246 (Garrison) ATL 6-3 (Raid) MIN 3-2 (Garrison) ATL 250-210 (Raid) N/A
B Mutineers 2-3 Empire DAL 250-163 (Checkmate) FLA 6-0 (Express) FLA 3-1 (Checkmate) DAL 250-225 (Apocalypse) DAL 6-2 (Miami)

Match 1: Royal Ravens smother Guerrillas

The first match of Day 3 was a quick one, as the Royal Ravens not only 100-point-clubbed the Guerrillas, but had their rookie, Afro, drop a 1.38 K/D in the process.

Match 2: FaZe survive hungry ROKKR 

Minnesota are not to be taken lightly and this was maybe the closest 3-1 series of the year. Unfortunately for the ROKKR, Cellium came to fry and FaZe could not be denied.

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Match 3: Empire outlast upsurging Mutineers

The Empire host the Stage 4 Major on LAN and it’s clear they want a chance to be in the Winner’s Bracket for it. They bounced back and narrowly beat Florida with some clutch plays.


Group Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
A Surge 1-3 Legion PAR 250-167 (Apocalypse) PAR 6-5 (Miami) SEA 3-1 (Garrison) PAR 250-171 (Checkmate) N/A
B Ultra 3-0 Subliners TOR 250-225 (Checkmate) TOR 6-4 (Express) TOR 3-1 (Garrison) N/A N/A
A Thieves 1-3 OpTic CHI 250-163 (Garrison) LAT 6-4 (Standoff) CHI 3-0 (Checkmate) CHI 250-126 (Moscow) N/A

Match 1: Legion beat down Surge

For a second there, it seemed like Seattle were going to bring this back and turn it into a series. Unfortunately, that second passed and Paris, thanks to some wild Skrapz play, showed that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Match 2: Ultra shock Subliners

Everyone thought this match would be the best of the week, but Toronto simply shut it down. After narrowly taking down New York on Hardpoint (a nutty feat in itself), the Ultra kept their foot on the gas and pulled off the sweep.

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Match 3: OpTic put Thieves in a blender

OpTic might just be back. Literally everyone on the team fried, as they dominated the home team Thieves so badly that their 3-1 win may have taken less time than typical CDL sweeps do.

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CDL LA Thieves Home Series format & details

  • Location: Online
  • Prize Pool: N/A
  • CDL Points: 10 per win
  • Maps & Modes:
    • Hardpoint: Apocalypse, Checkmate, Garrison, Moscow, Raid
    • Search & Destroy: Standoff, Express, Miami, Moscow, Raid
    • Control: Checkmate, Garrison, Raid
  • Matches are best-of-five (HP, S&D, Control, HP, S&D)

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CDL LA Thieves Home Series teams & lineups

After roster moves continued into Stage 4, things have seemingly slowed down as rosters settle in and try to mesh. Still, with a bunch of newer rosters in play, every team is still trying to cement its identity ahead of the Stage 4 Major.


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Team (Record coming in) Lineup
Atlanta FaZe (26-4) Simp, Cellium, aBeZy, Arcitys
OpTic Chicago (17-12) Scump, FormaL, Envoy, Dashy
Los Angeles Thieves (14-14) Kenny, TJHaLy, Venom, Drazah
Minnesota RØKKR (11-12) MajorManiak, Attach, Priestahh, Standy
Paris Legion (6-16) AquA, Skrapz, Temp, Zaptius
Seattle Surge (4-18) Octane, Gunless, Prestinni, Classic


Team (Record coming in) Lineup
New York Subliners (19-9) Clayster, Asim, Mack, HyDra
Toronto Ultra (19-12) Insight, Bance, Cammy, CleanX
Dallas Empire (16-13) Crimsix, Shotzzy, Vivid, iLLeY
Florida Mutineers (13-14) Skyz, Owakening, Havok, Neptune
Los Angeles Guerrillas (7-17) SiLLY, Assault, Apathy, Cheen
London Royal Ravens (6-17) Seany, Alexx, Afro, PaulEhx

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