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CDL 2021 Stage 5 Seattle Home Series: Team of the Week & MVP

Published: 26/Jul/2021 17:55

by Jacob Hale


The Seattle Home Series was the final weekend of action before the Stage 5 Major and the much-coveted Call of Duty world championship weekend from August 19-22 — and it saw some incredible CoD gameplay.

With the biggest events of the season ready to be etched into the history books, every player in the CDL is going at 100% and looking at that World Championship ring.

The Seattle Home Series had big implications for the Stage 5 Major seeding, with teams like New York Subliners finding themselves starting in the Loser’s bracket, and Minnesota ROKKR clutching up to start in winner’s.

But which players were the real difference makers for their squads? Here’s the Team of the Week and MVP from Stage 5’s Seattle Home Series.


CDL 2021 Stage 5 Seattle Home Series TOTW

CDL Stage 5 Seattle Home Series TOTW & MVP
The TOTW & MVP from the Seattle Home Series.

Once again, this week sees some TOTW debutants, thanks to impressive performances that have monumental repercussions for their teams.

This week saw plenty of names worthy of making the team. Dashy, Gunless, Kenny and more all put in standout performances, but here’s why each of these players ultimately made our Team of the Week.

MVP: Indervir ‘iLLeY’ Dhaliwal (Dallas Empire)

illey dallas empire cdl
Envy Gaming
Illey has been criticized a lot this season, but he’s really finding his Champs form now.

ILLeY has received his fair share of criticism from Dallas fans and the wider CDL community this season, but we’re approaching the business end of the season and he’s becoming instrumental in Empire’s success once again.

The team’s surprise victory over Toronto Ultra saw each of the four players pop off at various points, but in a match where he had everything to prove, iLLeY prevailed, absolutely slaying out in the Hardpoints in particular.


Zack ‘Drazah’ Jordan (LA Thieves)

Drazah’s had a rollercoaster season, often underappreciated as the true menace he is on the map with favor given to his teammates with bigger names.

That said, he’s growing to prove himself invaluable to the Thieves organization, and was instrumental in the team’s shock 3-2 victory over OpTic Chicago. If they can maintain some consistency, LA Thieves will be a true force in the CDL — and Drazah could be their main man.

Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris (Atlanta FaZe)

Atlanta FaZe Abezy
Call of Duty League
ABeZy has become a phenomenal talent.

ABeZy recorded a 2KD in the team’s victory against New York Subliners. There really isn’t any more justification needed for his inclusion in the TOTW, especially as an SMG player in an AR-dominated world.


They’re so good as a team, that it’s sometimes tough for Atlanta FaZe players to stand out among their peers — but aBeZy did it with some serious flair and flawless gameplay.

Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner (Minnesota RØKKR)

Priestahh hasn’t had as successful a season with RØKKR as he did in 2020 with Atlanta FaZe. He went from being one of the most exciting flex players in the league to a serial afterthought.

However, with Minnesota’s win over Florida Mutineers — a decisive and unexpected 3-0 at that — the Priestahh of old shone through. He had a 1.7 series KD, including a clutch 11-5 scoreline in the Search & Destroy, his kills the ultimate difference between winning the map and losing it.


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