Glitched Modern Warfare Beta menu shows Supply Drops and fans are outraged

Isaac McIntyre

A glitch in the Call of Duty title, and fans are less than pleased.

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The CoD community recently expressed their growing concerns over the possibility of increased microtransactions in the long-standing franchise’s sixteenth entry, and Infinity Ward developers told fans they would reveal their MTX plans when they were “ready”.

Now it appears a bug in the recently released testing beta of the title has confirmed supply drops will again be a part of the game’s leveling rewards, despite the fact many in the community are opposed to loot box systems.

NerosCinema screenshot / Infinity WardThe words “Lootbox” and “Common Supply Drop” appeared on the beta’s After Action Report menu.
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YouTube content creator NerosCinema first discovered the keywords “Lootbox” and “Common Supply Drop” in his After Action Report on the game after hitting level 6. This ties in with the revelation that Call of Duty Points will still be in the game in Modern Warfare.

Of course, the community were less than pleased to hear about the potential inclusive of loot boxes in the game, with some threatening to boycott purchasing the title all together, while others turned to sarcasm to cope.

Infinity WardCall of Duty fans aren’t happy about the potential return of supply drops in Modern Warfare.
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“Oh wow! What a shock!” said one fan after the news, while one begged the developers on Twitter to reconsider their plan: “Please Activision, don’t let your greed ruin another game.”

Another admitted they were now considering skipping the purchase. “I know it may be the normal but damn… I am just at the point with supply drops that I am considering to refuse to buy a new game with them in it. This is really annoying and so disappointing to see.”

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Unfortunately for the CoD faithful, the inclusion of supply drops is basically their worst fears about the game realized. Many have confirmed their displeasure at being stung by hefty post-release costs for cosmetics and guns in the game.

The issue reached a head in Black Ops 4, when DLC weapons added later in the game’s cycle were gated behind paywalls and loot boxes. This move forced many to either fork out for the best weapons, or simply be at a disadvantageous due to not wanting to spend extra money.

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While the potential inclusion of MTX in the game may have turned may off the purchase, the devs have also revealed a few positives about the title, including confirmation the latest CoD release will have full cross-play compatibility between consoles and PC.

Modern Warfare is set to release October 25, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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