MW3 players accuse devs of “lying” about changing inappropriate skin

Shane Black
MW3 new Incision skin

The MW3 devs claim that one of the game’s most unique weapon skins was a glitch, and have implemented a fix to change that.

Among all the weapon skins in MW3, the Incision for the Renetti quickly got the attention of the players due to its bizarre design that bordered on being inappropriate.

It quickly became something of a fan-favorite, but the devs have now rolled out a change to the look of the gun, changing it completely and saying that the original look was a result of a bug.

This does not sit well with the community who like the original look more and aren’t buying the excuse of it being some kind of glitch.

MW3 fan are calling devs’ bluff on inappropriate skin

While the change to the skin could have gone under the radar, the MW3 fans on the subreddit were quick to notice that the skin had been altered.

And the response has not been very positive, as the player who mentions the change says: “RIP to our beautiful(?) boy.”

It seems that the phallic look of the original skin struck some kind of cord with many fans, as one says: “That’s a shame, despite the jokes, it is legitimately an interesting blueprint.”

However, what bothers many MW3 users the most is that the devs are claiming that the skin was the result of a bug, which they aren’t buying at all:

“Wait, the patch note says it was not appearing as intended and is fixed, I thought it was just some graphic glitches. Never knew they changed it to another completely different look. Original can’t be just a result of unintentional glitch, right? It had to be an excuse to change a consciously-made design.”

Many point out that the new design is much less distinguishing than other skins in the game, which they feel is boring. Another points out that the name Incision doesn’t make sense now for the new look.

“Incision” makes no sense as a name for the new design… Meanwhile, the other two guns with the purple theme have names connected to their look (Crocus is the name of a purple flower, Hands On has a big purple handprint on it).”

While the change may seem like a small, inconsequential adjustment, it clearly meant more to MW3 players than originally anticipated.

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