Game-breaking Warzone exploit lets you exit the map & shoot at players

Warzone gameplayInfinity Ward

Warzone players have discovered a game-breaking exploit that allows them to glitch out of the map and shoot through walls thanks to the new subway system.

One of the latest additions to Verdansk is the subway system. Introduced in Season 6, the new public transport system lets players jump from one location to another in the blink of an eye. However, it’s also letting players break the game.

Instead of hopping onto a train and traveling to a new area, there’s a surprising bug if you avoid the trains altogether. If you drop onto the train tracks and head towards the fog, you’ll notice something out of the ordinary.

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An invisible wall will try to block you from pushing up too far at most stations. The subway station at Barakett Promenade East is a different story though. 

Warzone subway stationInfinity Ward
The new subway stations in Warzone are allowing players to glitch out of the map.

Since the train tracks are layered with an electric trap, you’ll need to head to the end of the station. Vaulting over the nearby ‘Do Not Enter’ sign won’t actually give you an ‘Out of Bounds’ warning as usual.

Instead, you’ll be able to roam this new space without fear of being wiped out. If you push down to the very end of the tracks at Barakett Promenade East, you’ll run straight through the fog and into a solid wall. Walking into this wall acts like Platform 9¾ from Harry Potter. Walk into it and you’ll be transported to a new world underneath Verdansk.

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From here, you’ll be able to see just about everything, shoot nearby enemies, and be invincible the entire time. It’s a clearly game-breaking exploit that’s sure to be patched out soon enough. For the time being, however, Infinity Ward is yet to address the issue.

There’s no telling if this exploit works across all modes either. It was tested in the Warzone Rumble playlist. Though there’s a chance players could use it to their advantage in regular modes as well, so be extra cautious in this area.

Unlike other glitches that allowed players through the map in previous updates, this one lets you move around a surprising amount. You can essentially explore the map from a whole new perspective.

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Be on the lookout for players trying to sneak out of Barakett Promenade East through the subway system. It’s sure to be a hot drop until this problem is resolved.