TimTheTatman rages after Warzone Redeploy Balloon glitch ruins stream


Warzone streamer TimTheTatman found himself on the receiving end of the infuriating Season 2 Redeploy Balloon glitch,  leaving him stranded in the air and denying him a victory. 

From game-breaking infinite stims to the infamous demon gun glitch, Warzone is no stranger to the weird and wacky world of in-game bugs. While Activision has since fixed a lot of the game’s older issues, there are times when new glitches make a debut. 

At the start of Season 2, Warzone added Redeploy Balloons to Caldera to help give players more opportunities to rotate around the map. While this feature has a lot of potential to help squads get into powerful vantage points, it doesn’t always work as intended. 

In fact, TimTheTatman quickly highlighted how frustrating the zipline glitch is when he got stuck during a Warzone stream. 

TimTheTatman gets stuck during Warzone Redeploy Balloon glitch

Warzone Redeploy Balloon gameplayActivision
Warzone’s Redeploy Balloons are leading to some frustrating deaths.

After successfully taking down an enemy player, Tim decided to use the nearby Redeploy Balloon to get into the circle. With no enemy squads nearby and plenty of money saved up, it looked as though the popular streamer was in a strong position. 

However, things didn’t go as smoothly as planned. After Tim reached the halfway point of the zipwire, his Operator became stuck. The streamer glanced around nervously as the sound of the zipwire continued to run in the background. 

FaZe Nio grabbed a helicopter and tried to get Tim unstuck, but it was clear he wasn’t going anywhere. “Wait, what!? Is this game serious right now,” shouted the streamer. “Just leave bro, just leave. I can’t get in the chopper, dude. I’m going to die to the gas, I’m off, I’m done.” 

Timestamp of 6:01

After several attempts to try to free Tim, his squadmate had to leave him and the streamer was forced to watch as the gas chewed through his health bar. “Well, this is the last game for me. The stream will be going down after this ladies and gentlemen, I think I’ve seen enough.” 

Hopefully, Raven will address the Warzone Redeploy Balloon glitch sooner rather than later, but for now, it’s best to avoid this feature completely.