Spratt reveals best AX-50 loadout for Call of Duty: Warzone

Joe Craven
Infinity Ward/IG: Spratt

Popular YouTuber and Call of Duty sniper James ‘Spratt’ Spratt has revealed his preferred AX-50 loadout of choice for Warzone, allowing you to dominate enemies from long distances.

Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith offers Call of Duty players unprecedented customization when it comes to weapons. From barrel to stock to perk, players have never had more freedom in modifying their guns.

However, with such freedom comes difficult decisions. The AX-50 – alongside the HDR – is an incredibly useful, powerful sniper rifle that can pick enemies off from across the map.

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The AX-50 is generally accepted as the weaker sniper rifle of the two, its improved handling and mobility can benefit players, while still being able to take down enemies promptly. Now, Call of Duty sniper Spratt has revealed his new loadout for the AX-50, which you can take into Verdansk.

First up is the Monolithic Suppressor, the muzzle attachment that has become a staple of nearly every Warzone loadout. This will buff your damage range and, more crucially, keep you off all enemy radars.

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Secondly, the 32.0″ Factory Barrel will augment your damage range even further, albeit at the expense of ADS time.

The Tac Laser, Stippled Grip Tape, and Singuard Arms Assassin Stock will all compensate for this; speeding up ADS time and trying to capitalize on the AX-50’s superior handling.

There are no changes needed to the gun’s reload or magazine size, as the AX-50’s 5 round mags should be sufficient to take down most enemies.

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Spratt’s June 6 YouTube video shows the ex-FaZe and OpTic star destroying all comers with this AX-50 class. He even racks up a few wins with the AX-50, which is remarkable given the fact most people struggle to get wins with regular weapons.

Whether you are able to dominate in a similar way will almost entirely rely upon your sniping skills, but using this class will maximize your chances.