FIFA pro Kurt0411 calls out Scump and FormaL for ignoring Twitch host

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FIFA pro and Twitch streamer Kurt ‘Kurt0411’ Fenech called out Call of Duty pros Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper for ignoring his hosts.

While most of the Call of Duty pros make a name for themselves with their strong play during tournaments, several of them also command a decent audience with their Twitch streams.

On these broadcasts, viewers will be able to tune in and get a glimpse at how their favorite pro might perform in an upcoming match and depending on the day, they’ll even be able to catch a scrimmage or two.

Credit: NRG/Infinity Ward
FormaL is one of the best Call of Duty players out there.

During a scrim, where the stakes are quite high as the players will be putting their full concentration into the game, it’s to be expected that any subscriptions, donations, or even hosts will take a little bit of time to acknowledge – something FIFA pro Kurt took issue with.

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After Kurt’s raid of 2,155 viewers wasn’t acknowledged right away by FormaL, the raiders began to turn on him, calling the CoD pro ungrateful while still spamming Kurt’s alien emote.

The timing definitely wasn’t the greatest, but that didn’t stop the FIFA pro from going to Twitter to share some more thoughts on the situation.

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“In other news never raiding another COD streamer ever again,” Kurt tweeted. “Just because you’re lucky enough to be playing a game without delay doesn’t mean you shouldn’t acknowledge a raid triple your viewers. F**k Scump and FormaL.”

FormaL’s response to this was simply “liking” the tweet.

Raids are something streamers will do at the end of their streams that sends their entire viewer base to another, often to give another broadcast a boost in viewership and also as a way to get a shoutout.

Things didn’t go quite as planned, so Kurt instead called out the two pros and vowed to never raid a CoD streamer again. For what it’s worth, FormaL did eventually acknowledge it and thank him, but it was long after the fact.

formal kurt raid chat
Kurt’s raiders weren’t happy about being ignored.

FormaL didn’t even have notifications on for his stream, so the only way he would’ve known something was going on is if he took a look at his chat going crazy, or by glancing over at his Streamlabs alerts.

Streamers aren’t required to thank anyone for their support by any means, but that doesn’t mean people won’t get mad if it goes unnoticed. Kurt swore off CoD streamers for this reason, so perhaps he’ll have better luck on a future raid.

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