Infinity Ward confirm when next major update is coming to Modern Warfare


With the Call of Duty League just around the corner, Infinity Ward have revealed that the next “major update” for Modern Warfare is also on the horizon.

Modern Warfare has received a mixed bag of reviews in its short time under the spotlight. Despite being the most played Call of Duty in the franchise’s history, there has been a heap of issues that have needed addressing since the public launch in October. 

And with all eyes expected to be directed to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare, the developers are keen to have their game polished up and ready to be showcased to the world. 

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Modern Warfare Season OneActivision
Season One of Modern Warfare has been extended until February 11.

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One prominent issue that has been particularly frustrating for the competitive community, is the notorious slide-cancel exploit. Infinity Ward have vowed to fix the movement bug in a future update

Yet, up until this point, there has been no set date — leaving both Call of Duty fans and professional players alike in the dark regarding any improvements. 

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. As part of Infinity Ward’s community update that was posted on January 17, the developers revealed that: “We’ve also been working on an update that we’re looking to publish to all platforms next week.”

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Infinity Ward' January 17 community update.

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Moreover, Call of Duty pro, Rhys ‘Rated’ Price, revealed that a patch for slide-canceling in Modern Warfare was inbound and scheduled to be pushed live on January 22 (a mere two days before the CDL is set to debut). 

Given the above, Infinity Ward’s intention could be to roll out one major update in a neat package on January 22.

It’s been over a month since the last major update for Modern Warfare, and with Season 1 now extended until later in February, some fans were getting impatient with the lack of updates.

Although the extension will give some players the chance to hit the top rank on the battle pass, others just want the new content to be added sooner rather than later.

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The update might also appease the competitive community. Pro players, Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price and Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat, highlighted that Infinity Ward were yet to address some issues which affect the competitive aspect of Modern Warfare.

Alongside fixing the slide-cancel exploit, Infinity Ward are set to push out a fix for other known issues. 

Per the Modern Warfare Tracker, the developers have addressed a number of concerns, such as: Ground War glitches, killstreak bugs and Hardpoint zone fixes (to name a few). 

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