Warzone hackers are being paid to stream snipe TimTheTatman, Kalei, more

TimtheTatman superimposed in front of the Warzone map VerdanskTwitter.com/TimTheTatman

There’s a ring of Warzone hackers being paid to stream snipe creators like FaZe Kalei and TimTheTatman. Fifakill explained the specifics of this trend and how it affects the streamers involved. 

On October 20, Warzone pro Fifakill explained how a single Discord server may be making Warzone’s hacking problem even worse than anyone realized.

According to a conversation with notorious cheater IHACKFORTHEWIN, this server lets users place a price on any streamer they want to target, inviting hackers to stream snipe whoever they select until the designated creator ends their stream.

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While this kind of problem is not unheard of in the streaming space — Ninja previously dealt with a similar issue — the specifics of the system are fairly disturbing.

The bigger following that any individual Twitch or YouTube target has means more money earned for the headhunter who shuts them down.

Fifakill exposes hackers targeting TimTheTatman and others in Warzone

After explaining how the system works, Fifakill also named some of the streamers that have recently been targeted by this system – including TimTheTatman, Kalei, Tommey, MuTeX, and Symfuhny.

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These are not short one-off instances either, these hackers have to be persistent in order to achieve their intended results. Kalei shared her side of an encounter that lasted for over eight hours despite her best efforts to shake the hacker.

Not everyone is in the loop about the specifics though, as MuTeX was shocked to hear that the end goal of these cheaters was to get him to end his stream. “Thanks for letting me know. Good luck getting me offline this time.”

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While these hackers may be racking in cash for their efforts now, this behavior will likely come to an end with the release of the new RICOCHET anti-cheat system arriving in Warzone on November 5.

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