Enable & Pacman: Roster changes LA Guerrillas need to make to survive CDL 2021

LA Guerrillas CDL Roster with Vivid, Silly, Assault and ApathyActivision

With the Stage 2 Major out of the way, Reverse Sweep hosts Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker say that LA Guerrillas are most in need of changing their team around — and discuss who they could pick up.

Rostermania is well underway in the CDL, with Paris Legion and Florida Mutineers already announcing changes to their squad.

There are multiple more changes expected, including Slacked’s replacement on the Mutineers, with New York Subliners also rumored to be switching things up for Stage 3.

But there’s one team that Enable and Pacman say are in dire need of making a roster move — if not getting a whole new squad — and that’s the Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Assault LA Guerrillas CDL 2021Activision
Could Assault be on the chopping block with SlasheR now available?

Who should LA Guerrillas drop?

Despite being the team to grant Atlanta FaZe their first loss of the season during Stage 2, the Reverse Sweep crew think that this squad needs a serious shake-up, suggesting which players could be replaced and who by.

“They have a difficult decision to make when it comes to dropping players,” Pacman says. “The one that’s shown the most promise to me is SiLLY, so if I had to keep one, it would be him. And Vivid’s stats have been pretty good.”

Enable agrees with Pacman, saying: “It’s not like they’re Paris or Florida where one player could make a huge difference. It has to be multiple players. So you have to be able to get the players that want to come and play for LAG.”

Who should LA Guerrillas pick up?

Discussing possible pick-ups for the Los Angeles-based side, a few options were mentioned. Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat is an obvious one, with LAG main AR Adam ‘Assault’ Garcia the only player not mentioned as one with upside.

Enable adds that he “wouldn’t be surprised if they take the route of getting a whole new team,” adding that former Guerrillas stars Renato ‘Saints’ Forza and Jacob ‘Decemate’ Cato could also be considered.

Whether Guerrillas make any changes remains to be seen, but if they want to earn a spot at CDL Champs at the end of the season, it might be in their best interests.