Dr Disrespect tears apart Warzone player after they roasted ZLaner

Ryan Lemay

Talking to random people in any game can result in hilarious moments and that’s exactly what happened when a few Warzone players mocked ZLaner, much to the comical delight of Dr Disprepect.

Dr Disrespect claimed he is done with Warzone, but that doesn’t appear to be the case a few streams later. Doc, ZLaner, and TimTheTatman regularly play Warzone together, and the trio created a few memorable moments over the past week.

After getting killed, Dr Disrespect went on an epic tirade and called a player “jobless.” TimTheTatman then raged after ZLaner made a perfect ‘fall damage joke.’

The latest viral moment comes from ZLaner getting roasted over his ponytail.

Warzone Plunder S4 Reloaded
Season 4 Reloaded has introduced a lot of issues for players.

ZLaner roasted by Warzone player

Dr Disprespect and Zlaner played a duo-Warzone game together, but the two-time found himself going down, leaving ZLaner alone to get the victory.

It came down to a one-versus-one. The streamer played with his food before executing his opponent for his 28th kill and a victory. Time for celebration, right? Wrong!

In the post-game lobby, a few Warzone players started to mock ZLaner. One player told him to turn off his cronus. A Cronus Zen is a device that allows Warzone players to cheat and mod their gaming equipment.

A second player joked about ZLaner’s ponytail, and Doc couldn’t help but laugh, but encouraged ZLaner to defend himself.

“You are going to let him talk to you about your ponytail like that Z?” he asked.

Dr Disprespect previously nicknamed ZLaner’s ponytail ‘Final Judgment.’ The streamer loved the nickname, but the clip showed some fans aren’t as receptive to the new look.

ZLaner couldn’t offer any rebuttal to the jokes, and Doc was not impressed with his duo partner, even after he earned them a win. Brutal.

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