TimTheTatman rages as ZLaner makes perfect ‘fall damage’ joke in Warzone

Ryan Lemay

TimTheTatman dying from fall damage is one of the longest-running jokes in the video game community. OpTic ZLaner joined in on the fun during a recent Warzone stream.

No matter the battle royal game, TimTheTatman finds a way of dying hilariously.

The Battlefield 2042 developers roasted Tim for proving that fall damage exists in their game. Battlefield’s official Twitter account posted with the caption, “the games change, but the player remains the same.”

Other developers took shots at TimTheTatman as well. The streamer asked for an operator skin in Warzone, and Raven responded by sharing an image of a Big Joke clown skin.

TimTheTatman struggled to earn his first win in Fall Guys, and the developers relentlessly roasted him on Twitter until he earned his first crown.

ZLaner creatively brought back the fall damage joke during a recent stream.

TimTheTatman rages at Zlaner for fall damage joke

TimTheTatman has infamously died multiple times to fall damage in Warzone.

Captured from Dr Dispresect’s August 1 stream, ZLaner pranked TimTheTatman.

TimTheTatman told OpTic Zlaner to show the viewers everything he taught him. ZLaner responded by jumping off of a building and purposely downing himself to end the round for his squad.

Shocked at what happened, the streamer couldn’t believe ZLaner purposely lost to get a funny clip.

TimTheTatman responded, “that was toxic as fu*k are you serious, dude?”

Dr Disrespect couldn’t help but sit back in his chair and silently laugh to himself as it all transpired. Doc claimed that the clip would easily go viral.

TimTheTatman and DrDisrespect love going back and forth roasting each other, but ZLaner did all of the work for him this time.

The prank did not actually anger the streamer, but TimTheTatman once again found himself at the brunt end of a joke.