Dr Disrespect absolutely roasts “jobless” Warzone player for killing him

Ryan Lemay
YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Raven Software

Dr Disrespect has been extremely vocal about his distaste for Warzone, and the streamer let his frustrations out on an unfortunate player.

On August 1, Dr Dispresect claimed that he’s ‘done‘ with Call of Duty until Warzone 2. Doc’s CoD backlash comes after holding his upcoming FPS title DEADROP in higher esteem.

The popular streamer also bashed Modern Warfare 2 for being “unimpressive” and doubled down after leaked images surfaced.

A lack of solid FPS game offerings and annoying opposing players sent Doc over the edge in a recent stream.

Dr Disrespect tears into a Warzone player

Dr Disrespect looking annoyed at cameraYouTube: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect claims he’s ‘done’ with Call of Duty until Warzone 2

During Dr Dispresect’s August 1 stream, he went on an epic rant after dying to a Warzone player.

Doc mocked the player that killed him for playing Warzone on a Monday instead of working or doing something else with their life.

“Talk about low-life bottom-of-the-barrel trash.”

The streamer continued to bash the player,

“They aren’t athletic, have terrible hygiene, have a fat gut, and don’t care about showing respect to their parents. Clueless, jobless, never going to drive a car. If they do, it is stolen.”

Dr. Disrespect concluded by bragging about his lifestyle, saying he is always striving to be better and wants to succeed, unlike the person who killed him.

“That is the difference between a lot of these chubby cheeks, no life idiot, want to be gamers.”

Fans love Dr Disrespect for his on-stream persona, but he took it to another level in this tirade.