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Shroud offers huge incentive for Dr Disrespect to do 24-hour MW stream

Published: 22/Oct/2019 1:05 Updated: 22/Oct/2019 1:14

by Albert Petrosyan


Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek has made a huge promise to fellow Twitch superstar Dr Disrespect if he goes through with his plan to do a 24-hour stream for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launch.

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There is a lot of excitement surrounding the launch of Modern Warfare on October 25, as a lot content creators who don’t normally stream Call of Duty as their primary game are planning on being involved. 

Both shroud and Dr Disrespect figure to be among the streamers who will be playing a lot of the game when it first drops, especially since the addition of crossplay between platforms has brought PC into the mix much more than ever before. 


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In fact, the Two-Time has gone as far as to say that he wants to do a 24-hour stream for the release, which would be considerably longer than he’s ever gone for a single broadcast.

Even his stream schedule for the week of October 21 doesn’t specify times for Thursday and Friday, instead Modern Warfare is simply penciled with no start or end times.

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However, not many believe that the back-to-back Blockbuster champion will be able to pull off such a massive stream, especially considering that he’s 37 years old and has never come close to doing it before.


Among those is shroud, who basically sneered in disbelief when the Doc presented his idea as they were playing PUBG on October 21.

“No way, you’re doing 24 hours?” he said, laughing. “No way! You’re not going to make it. Have you ever stayed up that long? Okay so, you think you’ll get to 12 maybe, at least? You’ll get to 12, 12 is pretty easy.”

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When the Two-Time reiterated that he wanted to do 24 hours straight, the former CSGO pro made a borderline-absurd pledge that he would gift 200 subscriptions to his channel should he actually be able to pull it off.


“24 hours, I don’t believe it,” he said. “I’ll give you a 100, no 200 gifted subs if I see 24 hours on the uptime. You have to be live 6 pm Thursday to 6 pm Friday.”

(Mobile users can click HERE for the clip)

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With each subscription costing $4.99, 200 gifted subs would come out to approximately $1000, which is a considerably amount of money to spend on Twitch, even for one of the platform’s most successful streamers.

Nevertheless, this agreement does offer another incentive for the Doc to try and complete a 24 broadcast for the first time in his career, which should be filled with a lot of hilarious and action-packed content.


He has expressed interest in playing with legendary CoD pros Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper, with whom he’s played on multiple occasions, so that would make the stream even more of a must-watch.