Dr Disrespect responds to rumors he’s looking to buy CDL team

Call of Duty League stage with Dr DisrespectYouTube: DrDisrespect / Call of Duty League

Dr Disrespect is no stranger to Call of Duty and the mega-popular YouTube streamer could be on his way to backing a Call of Duty League (CDL) franchise, if his latest hints are to be trusted.

The CDL is just one year into its existence though its early popularity has drawn attention from some marquee names. Dr Disrespect is one such name and he certainly has a long history with competitive CoD. From designing maps in 2014’s Advanced Warfare to appearing at the 2019 World League Championship event, he’s been involved at a few different levels over the years.

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Now, backing a team in the newly-established Call of Duty League could be his next play. Organizations put up tens of millions to join on day one and Dr Disrespect could soon be among the group of franchise owners.

Amidst an eventful offseason, with Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez buying back the ownership of OpTic Gaming and Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag teasing his own involvement down the line, could Dr Disrespect be involved as well?

Call of Duty League LANCall of Duty League
The Call of Duty League is only just beginning but it could already be attracting huge names such as Dr Disrespect.

Nadeshot recently posted a picture on Instagram of himself, H3CZ, and Dr Disrespect all together with the caption ‘Mount Rushmore.’

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Naturally, this set the rumor mill ablaze. Could the trio be forming a new franchise? Could they be restoring the OpTic brand to its former glory through the CDL? Only time will tell, though Dr Disrespect wasn’t afraid of teasing his involvement during a recent broadcast.

“Doc, do you ever plan to have your own professional team?” A viewer questioned as Doc loaded into a round of Warzone action on October 5.

He took his time to respond, pausing between every few words and cheekily laughing at the question. “Will I have my own? Probably not. Will I be a part as a shareholder? You never know…”

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Obviously, Doc loves to tease his fanbase with all kinds of exciting ideas, but perhaps this one may actually come to fruition.

With the OpTic LA CDL spot now owned by H3CZ, per the CDL rules, he’s required to sell it or give up the Chicago Huntsmen spot. While he suggested that he “intends to divest to interested esports organizations,” it sounds as though Doc could get involved as a shareholder in the very near future.

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Nadeshot initially brushed off the idea of owning a Los Angeles-based CDL team, though he did leave the door open for 100 Thieves to join “down the road. 

If this tease is to be believed, along with Nadeshot’s Instagram post with Doc and H3CZ, perhaps the stars have aligned for a new powerhouse brand to enter the league.


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Mount Rushmore

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It’s clear that nothing is final just yet, though Dr Disrespect would have no reason to mention the shareholder angle if there wasn’t some truth to it. There’s no date yet locked in for the 2021 CDL season, though we know it’ll be sticking to the same 12 franchises from the first year of competition.

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