Dr Disrespect has a brilliant idea to improve Warzone’s Gulag

. 2 years ago
Activision/Dr Disrespect

During a recent livestream, Dr. Disrespect came up with a brilliant idea for Call of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag system, which could revolutionize how the battle royale is played.

Warzone’s Gulag normally gives players an extra attempt at a win by bringing them back to life if they win a quick 1v1 match, but in the base game modes, players only get one shot at redemption or else it’s all over.

Now, Dr. Disrespect has come up with an interesting idea that puts a twist on the whole concept: instead of the feature being a one-and-done, he suggests that players should have the ability to buy “another Gulag” for $20,000, giving them another chance to fight for survival even if they’ve already expended their first trip to the prison.

“I have a multi-million dollar idea that just came to my head, right now, in real-time,” he said. “The ability to buy another Gulag for yourself – costs you $20K”

The Doc doesn’t get into specifics on the idea, including whether or not players should be able to buy it multiple times – but it’s certainly an interesting idea, to say the least.

While the Gulag hasn’t exactly been a huge point of contention in the community, with most people either praising how it works, the idea would certainly change up the gameplay.

Of course, the price might need to be adjusted, similar to the in-game loadout drops, as players would be constantly fighting to get enough money each match to afford that extra Gulag.

The Gulag just recently got revamped and changed within Warzone.

The biggest problem, however, is that it could exponentially increase the length of matches. The nice thing about the current Gulag is the fact that it essentially has a guaranteed cutoff point when it comes to how much time a match can take. This new feature would effectively change that.

Still, at the end of the day, while the idea will almost certainly never see the light of day in any official capacity, it’s interesting to think about the potential effects it could have in-game.

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