Dr DisRespect goes through a range of emotions watching hacker who killed him on Blackout

. 4 years ago

Popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect went through a range of emotions after being killed by a hacker while playing Blackout on Black Ops 4.

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The battle royale mode in Black Ops 4 has been the game of choice for The Doc since its release in October, but unfortunately the popularity of the title has resulted in plenty of people hacking.

While playing on November 30, Dr DisRespect was killed on numerous occasions by hackers, raising concerns that the game is being overrun by those willing to cheat.

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It all started when the streamer suspected something fishy was going on after being killed 20 minutes into his broadcast, watching the killcam back before being left in utter disbelief at what he witnessed.

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The Doc proceeded to declare the player as the best he’d ever seen, and went on to spectate him as he beamed unsuspecting victims across the map.

“Hold on a second,” the streamer explained sarcastically. “This guy is really good. I just want to watch him.”

Dr DisRespect won the Streamer of the Year award at the Esports Industry Awards 2016

The suspect player continued to run awkwardly around the map , before popping out from behind a tree to land another set of perfect headshots. The Doc then called upon developers, Treyarch, to reach out to esports organizations on behalf of the player, because he looked so good.

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Before long, The Doc started to enjoy what he was seeing, and got the tempo pumping with some of his classic 80’s music as he jumped on the casting desk for a period of the round.

In the end, however, it wasn’t all fun and games for Dr DisRespect, who expressed his annoyance that the second person he ran into on the game that day was a dirty hacker.

“You know what’s scary about this? I just want to get on man, and we will, trust me, we’re going to get into a solo groove today. But can you believe, literally the second guy I encounter today, is a scummy ass hacker? This guy is online, hacking.”

Needless to say, the hacker went on to win the match, killing his final two opponents in quick succession, and all without taking a bullet of damage in the process.

Rather hilariously, the hacker had the last laugh too, as the Doc took too long to enter his report against the player cheating, and it ended up cutting off, leaving the popular streamer speechless.

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