Dr Disrespect gives his honest verdict on CoD Mobile after first stream

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CoD Mobile

Dr Disrespect has gone against his controversial view on mobile gaming, giving a positive review of Call of Duty Mobile in a recent stream. 

After his infamous remark towards mobile games, Dr Disrespect surprised his fans in a recent Call of Duty Mobile stream. In fact, the two-time champion had nothing but glowing things to say after playing the mobile FPS game.

While CoD Mobile may not be for everyone, there’s no denying just how much content there is in the game. Since its release in 2019, CoD Mobile has received numerous updates that have helped keep the community invested. 

From the ever-popular zombies mode to the new western theme of its latest Season 4 update, there are always new maps, modes, and gear for players to sink their teeth into. It seemed even Dr Disrespect couldn’t deny how impressed he was with the sheer amount on offer in CoD Mobile. 

Dr Disrespect views on CoD Mobile

 “I was blown away by how much content there is in Call of Duty Mobile, especially the BR,” says Dr Disrespect. “I mean, you just talk about a lot of fun. I think the mobile community is spoiled.” As you might expect, this sentiment does go against Doc’s past views on mobile gaming. 

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Last year, the ever-popular streamer sparked a huge debate after he took to twitter to troll mobile gamers. Obviously, this didn’t go down well with those that enjoy small screen gaming. However, it certainly seems Dr Disrespect has come around to the concept of mobile games. 

After playing through the new Call of Duty LTM and battle royale mode, the legendary streamer voiced his opinions on the game. “I gotta be honest, for a mobile game, that’s a lot of fun,” said the Doc.

“It makes me wish we had just more things happening on console and PC.” This sentiment has also been echoed by fans of Warzone, especially since the map has only changed minimally with the introduction of the Verdanks ‘84. 

“Obviously, (Warzone) a more serious tone, you don’t want to oversaturate it with all this sh*t, but in terms of actual content, map design, mobility, and looting system – I enjoyed all of it. Whether Dr Disrespect will be playing more CoD Mobile in the future remains to be seen, but for now, it seems the two-time champ has changed his opinions on mobile gaming. 

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