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Dr Disrespect roasts Warzone devs over “unbelievable” truck meta

Published: 24/May/2021 13:43

by Jacob Hale


After suffering at the hands of enemies roaming around the final circles of Warzone in them, Dr Disrespect has hit out at developers Raven Software over the “unbelievable” use of trucks in the game.

Anyone who’s played Warzone at all will know how frustrating trucks (or ‘Berthas’) are in the game, especially in Solo and Duo playlists.

They are used heavily in just about every game, offering players some serious protection, as well as movement around the circle and the opportunity to easily mow down enemies without any quick counter.

Some players love them, some hate them, and it’s become painfully clear exactly which side of the debate the Doc sits.


Warzone bertha trucks
Cargo trucks can be seriously helpful — and seriously annoying — in Warzone.

While streaming some duo games with popular Facebook streamer Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane, the pair were hunting down a 40 kill win and had exceeded the kill target — but then the trucks showed up.

Being hunted down by two separate trucks — possibly two players on the same team — the Doc was struggling to find a move to make or really play properly. He managed to lay some damage into one but was ultimately gunned down, with little hope of ever making it out alive.

“What a stupid f**king game,” he said after finally dying. “If I’m a developer and I’m watching this and this is the end, we’re going to have a meeting tomorrow morning on how we can change this up completely. Unbelievable, man.”


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He continued: “These trucks. These guys are just able to do that… How can we sit here and say ‘Oh, shucks, good game!’”

He goes on to lambast the hitbox of the trucks and how much damage they can take, as well as the fact that players can easily just hop in and out.

Needless to say, there will be a large part of the Warzone community that completely agrees with what the Doc is saying. Whether that means it’s likely to change, however, is unknown.