Dr Disrespect claims Karma will be the best Warzone player if he plays it more

Dr Disrespect and Karma talking into micsYouTube: Dr Disrespect/CDL

Streaming star Dr Disrespect believes three-time Call of Duty champion Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow could be the best player around in Warzone if he commits to it full-time, with the Doc singing his players for being a god gamer.

When it comes to deciding who is the best Warzone player around, players have several different ways of judging things. Some prefer those with the high kill games, others prefer the wins, and some go off tournament performances.

Among all the streamers and up-and-comers, professional Call of Duty players – and former pros – rank among some of the best, given they have naturally god-given talent for the game.

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While he often considers himself the best around, Dr Disrespect believes the honor would actually go to former OpTic Gaming star Karma if he really focused on playing Warzone.

Karma with his three CoD Champs ringsDexerto
Karma’s legendary career sees many call him the GOAT.

Speaking during his June 4 stream, the Doc spoke glowingly about the recently retired CoD pro, calling him a “psychotic” gamer who is good at everything he touches.

“We’re talking about Karma here, for anyone who hasn’t done their research on esports history. He’s psychotic, he’s a psycho. If Doc were to rate, you know, who is the most psychotic gamer, it might be Karma,” the Two-Time said.

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“He doesn’t die. He stays alive. I’ve never seen anybody stay alive, but he’s hitting shots… everything. It’s the entire package,” the Doc added, clearly in awe of the CoD icon. “If Karma commits to Warzone full-time, I think Karma could be the best in the game, and I’m not joking. I’ve seen them all,” he further said, joking that his longtime duo ZLaner might not be a fan of what he said.

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The Doc wasn’t finished there though, as some viewers asked him to stack Karma up versus people who play Warzone 24/7.

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“If Karma was a full-time Warzone streamer, dedicated, and competed, I think he’d turn into the best. The guy is just casually dropping 30 kill games like they’re nothing, and he doesn’t have too much time in it,” he added.

As anyone who has followed Karma will know, the three-time world champion loves bouncing from game to game, and can regularly be seen dominating Rust and CS:GO whenever he fancies, but maybe the Doc’s compliments will make him switch to Warzone full-time.