Dr Disrespect blasts ‘unimpressive’ Warzone Caldera changes

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect talking into mic alongside Warzone character running with gun
Dr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect believes “no one is impressed” with the changes to coming to Warzone alongside Caldera, and he wants the devs to advance the battle royale with something big.

The integration between Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone has been surrounded in hype for months, seeing as the battle royale will do away with the Verdansk map and introduce Caldera as its new main setting.

The switch in maps will also bring bigger changes – like the addition of the RICOCHET anti-cheat, being able to bring a gun out of the Gulag if you win, and the removal of Stopping Power rounds.

While most of the upcoming changes have been championed by players far and wide, Dr Disrespect wants the developers to go a bit further and ‘advance the game’ as Respawn Entertainment has done with Apex Legends.

warzone pacific sea wreck
Things look very different from Verdansk in the new Caldera map.

During his December 1 stream, the Two-Time joined TimTheTatMan for a session of matches, but things got off to a rough start because of stream snipers, aim assist, and server ping issues. After dying to a player whose shots benefited from aim assist and even went through a fence, the Doc unloaded.

“You think Caldera is going to be the solution Timmy?” Doc asked his duo partner, who responded with a list of the changes that are coming soon that could have a positive impact.

However, the Two-Time wasn’t having it. “Get your weapon for the Gulag if you win your Gulag? Hi, I’m Johnny, I’m one of the devs,” the streaming star added, mocking the devs using a child-like voice. While Tim, again, noted it’s a “good change,” the Doc ramped things up.

“Like, no one is impressed. That’s not advancing the game,” he continued. “I’m talking about advancing the game. Here’s a good example: Apex Legends. Their shield system, remember when they didn’t have the concept of ELO but then they implemented ELO? That just put it on a next level, for the gameplay.”

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His duo partner for the day asked what Doc’s solution would be, and well, it was a bit drastic. “I’d consider Unreal Engine,” he added, seemingly joking, before reminiscing about the good times he’s had with the current CoD set-up.

With the Vanguard integration just around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to see if it sparks a resurgence for the battle royale or if players continue complaining about the same issues.