Denial Esports release graphic designer over Tweet about Enigma6’s logo

Professional esports organization Denial have released their in-house graphic designer, Owen Roe, after he said the logo of Call of Duty org Enigma6 needed “updated”.

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A fan-made concept for a new Enigma6 logo caused a stir in the community, after Sondra General, co-founder of the organization, responded by saying “We would never change our logo […] Not sure who & why decided to create a new logo but we have had our logo for years and everyone loves it.”

General also thanked the artist, and complimented the work, but some fans thought her response was harsh. Sondra later clarified and said that the “Tweet was not intended to be mean.”

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Roe, a graphic designer working with Denial Esports, had also commented on the fan-made concept, complimenting the work, and also voicing his opinion that the current Enigma6 logo “needs some serious updating”.

The following day, Roe revealed via Twitter that he was “no longer affiliated with Denial”, and confirmed that the reason for his departure was the Tweet posted in response to the logo concept.

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Roe has told Dexerto that he believes pressure from Enigma6 influenced Denial’s decision to end their working relationship, as owners of both teams are acquainted with one another.

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After deleting his response to the fan-made logo concept, Roe says “A few hours later I received a call saying I was dropped from the team.”

Denial Owner Zach Smith responded to Roe publicly on Twitter, accusing the graphic designer of painting “a false narrative.”

Denial Esports did not respond to a request for comment.

Both Denial and Enigma6 field rosters in the CWL Pro League, with the two teams set to face each other in Division B in February.