Blatant Apex Legends cheater gets what they deserve after streaming hacks on Twitch


A Twitch streamer has been banned from the streaming platform for hacking during broadcasts of Apex Legends.

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The free-to-play battle royale from Respawn Entertainment has already ventured past the 25 million players mark in record time, however, that does mean that some players are trying to use cheats to find success in the game.

Respawn confirmed, in a lengthy Reddit post, that they had begun cracking down on early cheaters – revealing that they had already banned over 16,000 players. Now, a Twitch streamer who streamed under the name ‘Mengiez’ has been banned from the platform for using obvious hacks and displaying them on stream. 

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Respawn EntertainmentMengiez will no long be jumping into Apex Legends.

Viewers were able to clip some of the exploits in action, showing how the streamer had wallhack enables as boxes appeared over players that would help see them better in-game, even as they hid behind cover.  

The clips also made it possible to see that they may have also used aimbotting systems similar to the first Twitch streamer to be caught cheating, Dharyxd, as Mengiez drilled rounds of bullets into enemies with surprising accuracy – only missing some long-range shots due to the map’s terrain.

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While players are not yet able to report a player in-game for cheating, they can get in contact with Respawn via their website. Even if reporters don’t have video proof of the exploits, the developers said they will investigate the claims.

The developers also confirmed, via Reddit, that they have heard the feedback on having an in-game report function but did not reveal if it was in the works or not.