Denial Esports announce new pro CoD roster featuring three Red Reserve players

Albert Petrosyan

Professional esports organization Denial Esports have announced a major Call of Duty roster overhaul, bringing on several former Red Reserve players to their new CWL Pro League team.

On April 19, Denial revealed their brand new roster that will feature at the upcoming CWL London major tournament and the remainder of the CWL season, including the Pro League.

The new roster features the three former Red Reserve players – Rated, Bance, and Joee – who were all free agents after RR essentially withdrew from CoD esports all together. 

Joining the three will be former Excelerate Gaming player Brack, who left the org on April 19 after they sold their CWL Pro League spot to Elevate

The final member of the starting lineup will be Alexx, who had spent the entirety of the season so far with Team Sween after failing to qualify for the Pro League in January.

Denial Esports’ new CWL roster

  • Rhys ‘Rated Price
  • Joseph ‘Joee’ Pinnington
  • Ben ‘Bance’ Bance
  • Carson ‘Brack’ Newberry
  • Alex ‘Alexx’ Carpenter

As per CWL rules, Denial had to keep at least one member of the original roster that had qualified for the Pro League in order to maintain their eligibility, so they decided to retain Ryan “ZeeK’ Lapierre as their substitute.

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Fate of Denial’s former players

As part of this massive roster overhaul, Denial dropped their entire CWL roster with the exception of ZeeK. Wailers and Breszy joined Elevate’s brand new roster, essentially swapping places with Brack, while rizK and Natshay all became free agents.

Staan, who was Denial’s substitute at the Pro League, has also entered free agency, with ZeeK now being designated as the team’s new sub.

CWL - TwitchZeeK is the only player from Denial’s former roster to feature in the new squad, as he will be their substitute at the CWL Pro League.

Red Reserve players find a new home

It has been a very rattling past few months for the Red Reserve roster to say the least, ever since it became clear that the org’s days in CoD esports were numbered.

With RR now all but officially out of the Pro League, reportedly having sold their spot to FaZe Clan, the roster split up, with Rated, Joee, and Bance all joining Denial while Skrapz and Zer0 will very likely join FaZe’s new roster.

These moves, of course, had been heavily rumored in the weeks leading up the official announcements, so not many were surprised when the news first broke.

DexertoRed Reserve’s former roster has split, with Joee (middle), Bance (middle left), and Rated (far right), all joining Denial. Skrapz (middle right) and Zer0 (far left) are expected to join FaZe.

Tough challenge awaits at CWL London

The first time we will see Denial’s revamped roster will be at CWL London, which is set to take place May 3-5. 

Unfortunately for the team, they’ve been placed in arguably the most difficult group at the competition, having to face Gen.G, Splyce and Luminosity in Pool B.

The players will want to get in as much practice in and build as much chemistry as they can before the tournament as finishing in the top two of their pool will not be easy. 

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