Crimsix, Clayster, ACHES and other pro players debate which CoD games are the best

Albert Petrosyan

A trend has gripped the competitive Call of Duty community that has all of the prominent pro players debating which title from the popular first-person-shooter series they think are the best of all time. 

With the CWL season currently on a bit of a break, pro players have found themselves with a little bit more time on their hands, and what better way to spend that time than to debate about their favorite series.

The way these debates work is that each player takes a batch of CoD games and puts them in a list based on several different categories that go from S-tier, or the best, to D-tier which is the worst, with some even added a sixth tier called ‘Trash.’

While a lot of the games that the players have chosen to put in their lists are ones they’ve played competitively, that hasn’t necessarily been a requirement, since many also enjoyed the games from a casual standpoint.

As expected, there has been a lot of disagreeing going on Twitter between the pros that have put out their lists, and we’ve included some of the prominent ones down below.

TreyarchUnsurprisingly, many pro players have ranked Black Ops 2 high atop their lists for best CoD titles of all time.

Clayster puts out his list, and Crimsix agrees

It’s not every day you see eUnited’s James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks and OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter agree on something, but Crim definitely liked the list that Clayster had put out on April 18.

In his list, Clay ranked Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare as his top two titles, with WWII, Modern Warfare 3, and World at War all the way at the bottom.

“Best list I’ve seen,” Crim tweeted. “I liked Advanced Warfare more personally. Only thing I’d change is swapping those two [with Black Ops 3]

ACHES picks his favorite titles

Team Envy’s Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price, a longtime competitor who’s also a two-time World Champion, has gone with Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2 as his two S-tier games, followed by Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

Unsurprisingly, his pick for the “Trash” category was Infinite Warfare, which many other players also ranked low on their respective lists.

Below, you can find a lot more of these lists from your favorite pro players, including the likes of SiLLY, Classic, JKap, Ricky, Temp, Maux, and Methodz.

Team Envy’s SiLLY

Luminosity’s Classic

eUnited’s JKap

Splyce’s Temp

Luminosity coach Ricky

UYU’s Methodz

Gen.G’s Maux

Where will CoD 2019 rank?

In a few months, another CoD title will be available for ranking as the next installment in the franchise is expected to release sometime during the Fall.

While there are obviously not many details yet revealed about the game, there is fervent speculation that it will be Modern Warfare 4, considering that the next developer in line is Infinity Ward.

While the entire CoD community is currently in “wait and see” mode, there is no doubt that a fourth Modern Warfare title would spark a lot of excitement among the player-base.